The return of our Tamarisk trees (frigas) in 2014

Over the years there has been much work done in our beach front by the local entrepreneurs.
I believe that the greatest success of all was the plantation of our native tamarisk trees that for centuries protected the coastline from erosion with the huge spread of their root in the subsoil which manages to be fed with sea water.

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Arillas Video

Arillas Corfu Video
A great video about Arillas created for San Stefano travel . It will definitely make you feel homesick about this place. ENJOY!

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The Picture of the day

The Picture of the day
Daily pictures of Arillas beach .
While the camera is offline I;ll try and cheer you up with some "covid and lock down pictures" .
Take this for now!

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Arillas on 7th November towards to the 2nd Complete lockdown.

Arillas 7th November

Welcome to the first day of the second lockdown in Arillas.
The weather is wonderful, there is a bit of movement on the beach and on the streets.
The new lockdown find us all well prepared and ready for the new wave of covid19 on our area.
As cases are rising rapidly in Greece, Corfu seems to be doing much better than other areas until today...
Many wishes to everyone over there.
Stay Safe for one more time!! Arillas Corfu November

Arillas community groups calling for creation of network of trails

Arillas comunity trails

Arillas Business Association, Arillas Cultural Initiative and Arillas & Kavadades football  Union are calling on the Corfu Mayors, local public organisations, cultural and sports societies, organisations and local councils and the media for the creation of a walking trails to promote the local sights.

Their keywords are: Protection of the Environment, Cultural Heritage, Cleanliness and Sustainable Development, Trekking Tourism.

In a statement they issued they say the following:

"An idea and  proposal combining all of the above. There are 138 villages in Corfu and almost as many local councils and cultural and sports societies. In each village there are one or more 'treasures' that are worth seeing and discovering.
This could be called a Treasure Hunt. This proposal has no local or time limitations.

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Εθελοντική Προσφορά της ιστοσελίδας

Arillas Corfu

Η Ιστοσελίδα λειτουργεί από το 2001. Δύναται να προσφέρει στους επιχειρηματίες του Αρίλλα και της γύρω περιοχής την δυνατότητα να διαχειρίζονται αυτόνομα τις καταχωρήσεις τους που για τόσα χρόνια ο Ιστοχώρος αυτός προωθεί εντελώς αφιλοκερδώς,  έχοντας προτρέψει να δημιουργηθεί μια κεντρική δικτυακή πύλη του Αρίλλα, πρωτοπορώντας με την δικτυακή Κάμερα, τον Μετεωρολογικό Σταθμό ,  καθώς και την χρήση των κοινωνικών δικτύων και Forum.

Οι επιχειρηματίες του Αρίλλα και των γύρω περιοχών μπορούν να εισέρχονται στο σύστημα και να ανανεώνουν το κείμενο, τις φωτογραφίες τους, να βάζουν προσφορές κτλ.

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Kaloudis Village