Arillas businesspeople and residents present the 'Clean Arillas' programme.

Presentation of the 'Clean Arillas' programme.

Arillas Business Association in collaboration with Arillas Cultural Initiative, the Deputy Mayor for Cleansing and Magoulades Local Council are organising a meeting on Wednesday 10 April at 19:30 at the old school to which all businesspeople and residents are invited. There will be discussion on the following topics:

- Location and organisation of green waste bins in Arillas.
- Presentation of the 'Clean Arillas' programme.
- Update on the operation of the Green Spot.
- Efforts to claim the title 'Cleanest Village in Corfu'.
- How to manage the waste on the beach.

Following many long public discussions with the local community and local businesses, Arillas Business Association, Arillas Cultural Initiative and Magoulades Local Council propose the following plan for an immediate and permanent solution to the problem with the refuse and the general cleanliness of the area.

There are three parts to the plan. The first is composting. As we live in the Greek countryside it is very easy for us not throw whatever is biodegradable into the rubbish. We can make it into a habit to convert out organic waste into natural fertiliser and to dispose of our food remains as we did in the recent past when we gave it, for example, to our pets, chickens etc. (At the Arillas Green Spot you can see examples of how to compost).

The second part is proper recycling and sorting at source, which has become much easier due to the existence of  recycling centre where anyone can bring their recyclable materials - which can be up to 80-90% of household waste. They are then collected and transported from the island and out of Greece. You are all welcome to come every Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 13:00 and every Wednesday 15:00 - 19:00 to learn how voluntary sorting at source works. Already 50 households are doing it.

The third part is the Green Bins. All members of the public are responsible for the mixed waste that goes to the green bins. The basic principle of this responsibility is not to leave our rubbish in private or public places - for example, in the neighbouring area or village, on public roads or squares, in streams or the sea. Each neighbourhood should ensure that they have their own bins and only they are responsible for their cleanliness and have the right to use them. (There are already examples along the main Arillas-Kavadades road).

Those who are unable to work with others can have their own bin in their own property which they will take out whenever the refuse trucks pass. Businesses will do the same.

What we are trying to stop is this widespread idea and attitude that anyone can throw whatever he/she wants in and around the public bins without caring about the pollution or how it looks.

With these actions we can reduce a lot of work and man-hours for the municipality as well as the volume of residue for which our municipality is charged by the kilo. All we are asking for is properly organised refuse collection - in other words, to know which days and times they will come by to empty the bins, even if it is only once a week. When the Arillas Green Spot is fully operational the blue bins will no longer be required.

All of the above do not have a large cost... What is required is a change in attitude and culture. When they do become a reality, however, they will add great value to our way of life along with our health and economy.


Arillas Recycling Center
Arillas Recycling Center
Private waste Management in neigborhoods
Private waste Management in neigbourhoods

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