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An article by Morgan Hamilton, columnist at who visited Corfu and discovered the taste of our Arillas beer.
I was in Greece recently and seen a bottle of “Real Ale Special” on the supermarket shelf. Of course this caught my eye and on closer examination I read the label and found out it is brewed in Arillas, Corfu.
Having been to Arillas in the past for a family holiday this intrigued me, so I did some detective work, and also drank quite a few of the beers, only for background information as those of you who know me will be aghast that I strayed from my usual half pint of Newton & Wrigley’s.

Corfu microbrewery established in 2009 have a passion for quality beers as the only brewery in the North West Greece and the only one producing real ale. Klaus Mouzakitis (Production Manager) and Spiros Kaloudis (Sales Manager) set up Corfu Beer Ltd near Arillas in the northwes of the island.
The brewery is very modern and equipped with the latest technology. 1000 litres of beer can be produced in each brew.
The brewery produces two real ale beers and a Pilsner, in future they also plan to produce a wheat beer. These beers are produced under the German purity law, using a fine aroma hops and special malts (roasted malts, caramel malts). All friends of Corfu beer are invited for a tour at the microbrewery, on Saturdays and Sundays after an appointment. For more info
The product of the brewery “Real Ale Special” enjoys a very subtle hint of hops with a lively character. With the first taste you gett a warmth of feeling with it’s strength, 5.4% abv, in the aftertaste light with a very pleasing finish. Lovers of spicier, stronger beer (abv 7%) should try the “Real Ale Bitter”. By using fine roasted malts the result is an amber-colored ale. This beer has almost no aroma, has a very nice balance of hops bouquet and with its very nice malt flavour, this beer is one of the tastiest I have come across.
Royal Ionian Pilsner a blond lager type with mild bitterness.
Served cold this is delicious on the many hot Greek afternoons.
The products manufactured by the micro-brewery stand out in the crowd from the products of the big beer companies. You can taste the love and care with which these beers are made, sip by sip, glass by glass.

You can contact them at:
Corfu Beer Ltd
Arillas 49081
Corfu, Greece
e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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