The Ascension festival in Arillas 2023

Ascentsion festival in Arillas 2023

On Thursday the 25th of May 2023 there will be this year’s first festival in Arillas. It takes place near the local Church and old school of Arillas village which is about one and a half km from the beach on the way to Magoulades on the main road.

The local church is dedicated to the The Ascension of Jesus, which was when the resurrected Jesus was taken up to heaven in his resurrected body, (Acts 1:9-11) in the presence of eleven of his Apostles, occurring 40 days after the resurrection.
The church on Analipsi "Ανάληψη" (Ascension) was build during the 50’s by the volunteer help and donations of the people of Arillas.
Since then, we established the Arillas Analipseos Festival which is always on a Thursday 39 days after the Greek Easter Sunday.
The event starts at about 20:00 until late in the night. The Festival is organized by non profitable organizations based in Arillas those who are responsible for the Wine Festival in September and the Music festival in July or August.

The Arillas Folklore dancing club is consisted by over 100 members from the ages of 5 to 70 years old .
Every time they dance you can experience these different traditional Greek dances performed by this mixture of ages all with the same pride, something that we do not see any more in many countries.
The music from the Traditional Live Band is combined with some BBQ with souvlakis , wine and loads of our Local Corfu Beer from our unique Microbrewery.




Arillas Corfu

Arillas Corfu
Ascention Festival in Arillas Corfu


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