Arillas community groups calling for creation of network of trails

Arillas comunity trails

Arillas Business Association, Arillas Cultural Initiative and Arillas & Kavadades football  Union are calling on the Corfu Mayors, local public organisations, cultural and sports societies, organisations and local councils and the media for the creation of a walking trails to promote the local sights.

Their keywords are: Protection of the Environment, Cultural Heritage, Cleanliness and Sustainable Development, Trekking Tourism.

In a statement they issued they say the following:

"An idea and  proposal combining all of the above. There are 138 villages in Corfu and almost as many local councils and cultural and sports societies. In each village there are one or more 'treasures' that are worth seeing and discovering.
This could be called a Treasure Hunt. This proposal has no local or time limitations.

The residents in each area can choose to showcase one or more sights in their village, which could be a lake, a pump, a cave, a waterfall, a church or monastery, a workshop, a hilltop, a traditional building, a stone bridge, a centuries-old tree, a traditional or modern olive press, a beach, a historical monument and many more.
Local activities can be organised at each location connected by paths and agricultural roads.

The residents in each village take responsibility for cleaning and beautifying their sights as well as the paths and roads connecting them to the next village.
There will be signage for the network of paths connecting all the sights and a travel guide will be produced to show the whole network and list of sights (possible with a historical summary for each location). In this way, local history and traditions are showcased directly to walkers at each 'stop' and the folk history of Corfu is presented via a combination of a walking trail and printed description.
More specifically, village residents with cultural, social and environmental concerns and a love for their birthplace take care of their village, cleaning and protecting it, and pass this on to their fellow villagers.

Through personal responsibility and rational attitude they can showcase what they consider to be the most valuable sights in their local area.
Neighbouring villages can be connected by the network of paths and the sense of cooperation and local solidarity will be strengthened. A spirit of 'fair play' or noble rivalry' is created. The wealth of Corfu nature local culture, which is unknown to most, can be discovered. The pure, honest cooperation between Corfu villagers that existed in previous generations can be revived - the innocent lives of the villagers who took part in the 'panigyria' of neighbouring villages, walking for hours to enjoy the celebrations, or the spirit of compassion and cooperation with which they helped each other in the work on the land.

A spirit of respect and love for the environment is cultivated as well as our traditions and cultural heritage - all vital for our cultural, social and economic self-sufficiency.
The network of hundreds of kilometres of unique paths and sights will be available for visiting walkers all year round and especially in the autumn and spring. It will be an attraction for thousands of visitors - and outwith the normal tourist season.

Our idea is based on the principle of sustainable development.
The economy of our island is completely dependent on the condition of its natural environment. The condition of the natural environment is a consequence of human activities. There can never be sustainable development of the agricultural product and the tourist product without respect for our natural environment and our cultural heritage.

Each one of us has a great individual and social responsibility. However, the organised state and organisations have the greatest share of responsibility.

Our proposal is directed towards all organisations associations and local authorities so that, through cooperation and coordination each community will be able to achieve what we have written above in its own area.

We believe that the proposal will be eligible for support from the EU (ESPA).


Ioannis Papadopoulos
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Dimitris Kourkoulos
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