Over 60% of waste recycled in our area

The results of the work being done at Arillas Recycling Center are impressive, according to the letter that the local Business Association sent to the North Corfu Mayor. They maintain that the region is able manage its own waste autonomously and provide data for 2019 along with photos.

Arillas Recycling Center Results for 2019

Corfu has a population of 102,000 and the total annual volume of Urban Solid Waste is 67,000 tons. dividing the total waste by the total population gives us 656kg per person per year.

Arillas has 400 permanent residents producing on average (400 x 656) 262 tons a year.

In 2019 162 tons of waste was recycled in Arillas - with our own self-regulated operation - and didn't go to the landfill. This gives us approximately 63% of waste being recycled, whereas the Corfu Municipalities are struggling to achieve 2% - 15%.

Materials that were recycled:

Organic / compost - 50 tons
Paper / cardboard - 30 tons
Plastic - 20 tons
Metal / electrical appliances - 15 tons
Glass - 50 tons

Total - 165 tons

63% of the total Urban Solid Waste in Arillas

Clothes / books / furniture / batteries / light bulbs / mattresses have not been included.



Implemented in a moderately developed tourist / agricultural area with 400 permanent residents and approximately 1,300 tourist beds.

Result: Exemplary cleanliness in the area and 63% of total waste recycled.

Immediate efficacy: Within a month we reached 63% using our own means - the only contribution from the Municipality was the collection of mixed refuse from the green bins.


1. Composting at source (in the village) reduces the volume of Urban Solid Waste by 30 - 35%. Direct action at no cost. Residents or the Municipality produce fertilizer for trees and gardens.

2. Recycling at source - A Green Spot in the area collects all the recyclable materials and all large objects. This can immediately collect 30 -45% of the Urban Solid Waste.

3. Managing the green bins (the remainder of waste). Each resident / community / neighbourhood is responsible for the placement and cleaning of green bins.

With a population of 17,000, the Municipality of North Corfu produces approximately 11,000 tons of Urban Solid Waste (17,000 x 656kg) annually.

With 80% recycling (see the example of Arillas with 30 -35% composting and 30 - 45% recycling) there will remain approximately 2,239 tons a year - 6 tons a day or 45,000 tons in 20 years.

There are two ways to manage this remaining waste - 1. Burial 2. Incineration (with modern technology).


It is possible for the Municipality of North Corfu to manage its Urban Solid Waste autonomously with the prospect of becoming a Zero Waste Municipality and benefitting from the European funding programmes without any difficulty - programmes that give generous support not only to help provide solutions but also to promote North Corfu as a tourist destination worldwide.

'The "Clean Arillas" Programme coordinators

Dimitris Kourkoulos

Dr. Ioannis Papadopoulos


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