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Aerial view of cape Kefali between Arillas and San StefanosWhether it is a sandy beach and traditional tavernas run by local families, water-sports, quietens and tranquillity; traditional food and drink; you will always find something that will suit you in Arillas.
As it is a good base for exploring the rest of northern Corfu, it is recomended to hire a car, as the local bus service is very poor and fits only the locals who go shoping to Corfu town.

There are a couple of car rentals in Arillas where you can deal directly while you are here or you can book from home.

Arillas Corfu

For more than 35 years, our little village has been a favourite hideaway for independent holiday makers who return to Corfu year after year. If you are looking for a quiet holiday destination, either in the less busy months at the beginning and end of the summer, or the livelier holyday in the days and nights of July and August, you are going to have a great time.
san Stefanos Harbour
Between Arillas and Aghios Stefanos, the next bay there is a litle fishing harbour where you can take the local line boat to visit the small islands on the north west ionian sea (Mathraki, Ericousa, Othoni,). The timing is not set at the moment but they go at least 3 times a week .Othoni is the most western point of Greece.
Gravia island
If you are good on a boat it's worth going around the bay of Arillas and right oposite to the deserted island of Gravia where you can have your own bay and chill out for a while.If you are lucky you might see some of the wild goats that overun the island.
The sunsets of Arillas See you in Arillas

Dimitris Kourkoulos
Brouklis str 7
49081 Arillas Corfu
tel 0030 26630 51418
sms 0030 6945810842


Aerial view of cape Kefali between Arillas and San Stefanos
view of Diapontia islands from North Corfu

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