Villa Koussos Apartments

Villa Koussos is a block of apartments, which has been built according to the country- style architecture. It consists of independent furnished apartments with bedrooms for 2 or 4 persons, wide kitchens fully equipped and most of our apartments have balconies with sea view. Villa Koussos is situated between two beautiful woody and coasting villages (Arillas and St. Stefano’s beaches are 10 - 15 minutes walk) northwest from the city of Corfu, 30 km from the main harbor and the airport of the Corfu town. Arillas is one of the best summer resorts in Corfu with crystal clear seawater (E.C. award 1998 - 2007) and has a big variety of restaurants, Greek taverns, bars, discos, super markets, etc. Apartment facilities Villa Koussos has been redecorated in summer 2005. Among other things (painting, repairing etc), new furniture were bought in the apartments bedrooms, satellite television were put in every room and also air condition. There is also a lounge for the customers and also a fully equipped kitchen to serve breakfast. Among other things each apartment is equipped with the following: * Refrigerator * Air Condition * Satellite Television * Filter coffee machine * Electric kitchen with oven * Relaxing chairs and table at the balconies * Hair dryer * Mosquito net Also, at Villa Koussos: Information desk in German and English, fax service, Internet terminal, telephone service, private parking, wide open playground and relaxing place under vines pergola, post service, arrangements for car, motorbike, bicycle rental.

Contact Manager
Katerina Koussos
+30 266 30 51340
+30 697 71 57 703
+30 266 30 51340


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