Corfu Meets Holland 2019 photo in costumes

Corfu Arillas 2019 August

I'm currently helping voluntarily at the Corfu Meets Holland Beer Festival in Arillas. I'have mannaged to build a dutch backdrop where you can wear traditional dutch costumes and have a picture taken from a professional photographer that you can take as a souvenir.

This is a typical dutch habit of tourists in..... Holland....  Our friends Hanneke and Hedi are going to be there and our Local photographer Leandros Avlonitis is going to be taking and printing the photos where visitors can purchase them for a small fee. The image of the dutch backround in the backdrop was given to me from a famous photographer Mr Jurjen Drenth where we met in Arillas a few years ago.  I imagine the title being ...


in Corfu Beer Festival 2019.

The man in the Picture is our New Mayor of North Corfu Island Mr Georgios Machimaris surounded by our volunteers.


I hope to see you there!



 Beer festival area timelapse ''the preparation''

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