Car Hire in Arillas

Arillas Car rentals

Arillas Car Hire is able to arrange instantly online bookings for your holiday car. Visit their website
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We have a great variety of cars at your disposal, the compact ones and jeeps to the small and economic models ideal for young couples.
The car rental gives you the possibility of planning your own vacations, you could reserve hotel rooms in different provinces throughout Corfu and move at your own pace.
The infrastructure for car repairing, maintenance and gas services are well placed and available in different parts of the island, so you don't have to worry about it, just drive and enjoy the view.
Cars can be picked up at airport or hotels in the city or beach resorts such Sidari, San Stefanos and San George, but it's not necessary to deliver it back on the same point, you choose the place of your preference and we will receive the car from you just minutes before you leave the island.
Gps provides you with the best portable in-car navigation. Just choose your destination address, and let GPS do the rest, directing you with clear turn-by-turn instructions.

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