Ancient theater revealed after stong rainfalls in Corfu 1st April 2018 happy April fools day

ancient theater in arillas

Heavy rains in Corfu have revealed historical ruins that had been buried by mud in Arillas Corfu. The rains came after a season of long drought.

Researchers were able to retrieve various items such as pottery utensils, coins and metal pieces, according to Teli Terlikitis Corfu’s director of antiquities .

The newly discovered items have not been dated yet, but researchers think they might be from the Parthian and Islamic eras.

This is not the first time this happens; last year about 1,000 items were found in a similar way. This shows that the ruins are not that far from the ground surface.

Most of the area of Ancient Arillas contains the ruins of the large classical city-state of kavaditika refounded by Epaminondas in 369 BC, after the battle of Leuctra and the first epirous invasion of the Island. Epaminondas invited the return to their native land of all the families that had gone into exile from Corfu during its long struggle with and servitude under the military state of Sparta, now finished as a conquering state. This new Kavaditika, today's Ancient Arillas, was constructed over the ruins of Ithome, an ancient city originally of Achaean Greeks, destroyed previously by the Spartans and abandoned for some time.

Currently the substantial ruins are rising after the latest heavy rainfalls. Much of it has not been archaeologically excavated . The site has always been totally abandoned. The small village of "Larna" occupies what was the upper city around the fountain called "klepsydra". Administrative structure and population figures refer primarily to it.



Happy April Fools day

Happy April Fools day

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