Afionas in North West Corfu.
If you stay in Arillas then AFIONAS IS A MUST!
Afionas is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Corfu, that still maintains its true traditional Corfian character. It is based in the North West part of the island and it is set at the top of the cape between the villages of San George and Arillas.
It is very well known for the spectacular view that it offers especially during the sunset, as it overlooks Arillas bay, the most western point of the whole Greece. You can also see the Gravia island and the Diapondia islands - Mathraki, Othoni & Erikoussa. It is a very unique spot and it is definitely worth the visit.
At the centre of the village there is a traditional square and an old church. You can also see the many paths that run off this main square. If you enjoy walking, you can explore these and you will find one that leads you to the Porto Timoni twin beaches. From there you get a unique, breath taking panoramic view of San George bay. On the way back, you reach the very top of the mountain where you can find the small church of Agios Stilianos. You need to be very careful if you decide to walk it as the path is extremely rugged and overgrown in parts. It takes around 45 minutes to walk but is worth the effort.
Anemos Restaurant - Cafe


located at the top of the village of Afionas in the Northen West of Corfu. Our location is unique and offers an amazing view as we overlook the bay of Arillas and the Diapontia islands - Othoni, Erikousa and Mathraki. You get to walk through the traditio ...

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