Indepentently or Package?

Started by dimitris, August 12, 2008, 11:48:39 PM

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Just curious to see how this year's holidays were booked....
Any comments on how you booked your flights and accommodation are  also welcome

Thank you very much for keeping our website in such an updated and informative condition!


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It was a package deal, through Thomas Cook. Would however in the future like to book the flights and accommodation ourselves, giving the hotel and apartment owners a bigger slice of the pie.

Hope you are full tonight, I miss your wonderful sardines :-) Of happy meals

Gary & Carolyn


Hi Dimitris

July we booked Annas on email, after talking to her on We booked flight only with Thomas Cook because it was cheapest. And we booked Noula for the transfer throught the website (think you know her....)

September we booked EasyJet very suddenly after Joe's post about airfares (glad we did) and Eggy helped us book Elena Stella for both acommodation and transfer while we were there in July.

We always try to go independent, but last October we found a package to Kaloudis cheaper than any flight only.

Looking forward to my bourdeto and galactobouriko in two weeks time
Best wishes to you, Litsa and bebis. See you soon


Hi dimitri, we booked package with thomascook online, priced independant travel, but package worked out cheaper. Stayed in rainbow with dimitri & spiro, wonderful time there and all the other places we visited, had a really good time hoping to come back again next year for 7th time, thanks for a great website. yammas, chris


Hi Dimitris

We went Package with Olympic stayed at the Christos. Down side was their transfer times.

Hope you are All well see you next year

Baldy Barry

Hi Dimitris !
We booked through Thomas Cook on a package at the Akti .
Came out cheapest option when we added it all up.
See you over the weekend !
Hope I don't burn !

Paul C

Hi Dimitris
We booked our accommodation independently last year (provisionally) and confirmed by email once the flights were booked off the internet. This was in December 07. See you in September.


Hi Dimitris!
I booked directly with Dorita at The Bardis Sun Hotel by telephone and confirmed the dates by fax once I had booked and confirmed the flight details.
I booked my flight by using the local travel agent as the airline (Thomsonfly) would not accept 'single' seat bookings on the internet.
Dorita arranged my taxi transfer from the airport. This was my first 'independent' holiday and it all went very smoothly.
I had a great time in May, hope to see you again soon.
All the best,


Yassoo Dimitris,

I favour booking independently. My flights were booked in June via Thomson and now at the end ogf this month I booked flights with Monarch via AVRO.

My insurance is also booked independently from Club Direct.

And the accommondation is a lovely little place called Brouklis Rooms which I have booked for both times independently and directly with the helpful owner :)

See you in just over two weeks!
Life is good ;)


Hi Dimitris.

I have always booked by package. This was the only way if you want to stop at the Kaloudis although now i think Billy is doing some private. Must look into that.

See you in 4 weeks.



Hi Dimitris

Have been to Arilas 6 times. Each time booked with Thomson to Kaloudis Obviously love it which is why we keep returning and hope to keep doing so.



We booked Helios Court Villa again direct with the owners while we were there on holiday last year! Our flights were booked through internet with XL and using the code someone put on here saved us £40. Air Malta we are flying with.


Hi Dimitris,
We are coming back in October for our 10th visit - we have booked a package with Thomson and will be staying at Kaloudis. We did look at booking independantly but this package worked out much cheaper.
Looking forward to seeing you all especially your baby.
Anne and Phil
We were in Arillas for 2 whole months and going again for 2 weeks :-)

Julie j

Hi Dimitris,
In May we booked with Thomas Cook because there were seven of us and we wanted to stay at Nafsika, Rainbow Bar, but in July we booked flight only (flights from Bristol are a bit limited - we hate going to Gatwick) and arranged a room at Arilla Inn Studios with Leo via a phone call to Jimmy, and as always had a car delivered to the Airport by Valantis from Stan Stef.
We are hoping to see you all again sometime in September, the plan is to drive down through Switzerland and Italy taking as long as we wish, and to find a room when we arrive.
To sum up Independently or Package we choose the option that suits us at the time.
Love to you, Litsa and Bebis. See you soon
Julie & Graham.


We've done both but having travelled independantly the last time in May, we definately prefer this method & are looking to do this again when we head back in September.
It takes a little more time perhaps & you've got to dig about a bit to really track down the best deals etc, but I quite like that aspect of it & despite being based in Bristol & having to travel to Gatwick to fly out on Easyjet last time - we still saved ourselves about £95.00.
From here on in, I think we will continue to travel to Arillas this way.
BeckyB :-)