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Started by lottyswan, January 11, 2016, 06:20:59 PM

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I have been to Corfu every year for 14 years and have enjoyed visiting Arillas each year. However this year, I am planning on staying in Arillas. Does anyone know what the Hotel Marina 1 bedroom apartments are like?

Thank you!



Welcome to the forum lottyswan. Sorry can't help as never stayed there. However they do a gorgeous breakfast. Sat there eating breakfast with that view is one of my favouite things to do.


Ahh no worries! Brilliant, will be eating there every day then :)

Val n Bill

Lottyswan. Just click on Hotels in the main menu and scroll down to Hotel Marina....there are lots of pictures of the rooms.

  Val x
The love affair continues.


Or, lottyswan, there's their own excellent website.

Ann K

Hi Lottyswan and welcome.  We have stayed at the hotel for 17 years but last year we spent a few days in the poolside apartments, which were fine.  Haven't stayed in the other ones, but know people who have and I've never heard anything detrimental about any of them.  Please take the time to look at the link which cypress has posted.  Vasilis and Anita are perfect hosts and in the usual Greek manner, they make everyone so welcome.  Dida and Spiros in the restaurant are also perfect hosts and nothing is too much trouble.  In short, a perfect place to stay.
Ann x


Just make sure you wash your feet before you get in the lift !  :-)
The sign they have there always makes me smile ..........
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Ahh perfect, thank you all! I will be staying in block B, it is slightly set back from the road but still looks lovely!! Can't wait :)