Marina - kettles in rooms?

Started by Angela66, June 22, 2014, 09:22:46 AM

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Hi All :)

Would appreciate confirmation from anyone as to whether the Marina supply kettles in the rooms please?  I can see that there is a fridge etc but could not find mention of a kettle.

Cheers xxxx

Ann K

Hi Angela66.
We always stay at the Marina and yes, there is a small kettle and tea/coffee making facilities in all the rooms.
Just right for that first cuppa in the morning on the balcony overlooking paradise.
Ann x :)


Thanks Ann, much appreciated and you must have read my mind :) It is that first coffee (carte noire with coffee mate) that I associate with my hols.  I love the coffee mate rather than milk but since it is so calorific I only use it on my hols xx



T-Bags packed... Put my mind to rest.. I'm not human until at least 3 cuppas in the morning  ;)


We are at the marina next week (treating ourselves as we usually go self catering). A kettle in the room is great news. i will pack the tea & coffee now.