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Started by kvarnell, February 13, 2013, 01:06:14 PM

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I am a Malibu girl through and through, however we go into all the others as well, but the Malibu suits our vibe, where does everyone settle at the end of the night?. I love a few beers in the Marina at lunch and maybe few aperitifs in the Amourada, also of course both bars at the top of the donkey bar are great.  My heart belongs in the Malibu..........

Paul D

For us, it has to be the `Nut.  Have been in the Malibu a couple of times, though.
          Kaloudis bar is also great - Billy the kid is great fun.
Not forgetting The Rainbow, of courese.

Arillas - `perfect antidote to life`s stresses and strains`!


Tria and the Nut for me !  Only went in Malibu once (on my own) and I just couldn't "settle" in there for some reason ......
Wolverhampton Wanderers, pride of The Midlands......


My favourites are Poppy's bar and the Rainbow :)

Ron and Sue

Malibu to get out of the heat for an hour at lunchtime.Mirage after a lovely meal with Nikos and Angela and the boys in the evening.Back to the Malibu for a chat and a few drinks with George and Kinga then a nightcap with Spiros at the Akti where we are staying.           Did not realise we drank so much until I wrote it down.Still it is holiday time LOL.


We are nutters through and through!

When not Nutting we can be found in Ammos, Akti, Horizon and as Ron and Sue said..." is  holidaytime!" :-)
Your holiday deserves a place like this...

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I forgot The Atki and Mathraki with Nikos and of course Kaloudis with Billy and his lovely family, oh and a crafty ice cold beer at the Marinaki... Oh My God I think I could be very drunk soon, just remembered the best place to drink, a few drinks from Alex supermarket sat on the beach watching the sea, sun and people....


A nice meal out, a stroll, may pop into some establishment, then return to the Rainbow.
Most people there return for a night cap so its good to have a chat.
Dont do the Bars too often, if we do it's the Nut.


Must say AKROTIRI is FABULOUS for the Sunsets or ANEMOS in Afionas,or the HORIZON. Grrrrrrr now look what you started.


Akrotiri is a must for the sunsets, but then I've enjoyed plenty of them from the upper deck at the Horizon too.
Marina Pool Bar is great for a late afternoon / early evening drink with Sharon.
But, since the original question was about where we settle at the end of the night then for me it has to be the Nut and then a final nightcap with Spiros at the Akti.
Home is where the heart is - CORFU :-)


We are "Nutters" too. But when we leave before the small hours, we usually end the night back at base, ie Poppy's Bar at Bardis. Love them all in their different ways.


Val n Bill

End of a wonderful night, it has to be Horizon, Nut, Akti and home to Nic and Akis at Mathraki.

             Val x
The love affair continues.


been coming to arillas seven times but have never heard of the nut can someone
tell me where it is am i missing something or am i a div
cooper  aka churchill

Jersey Bean

Definitely the Rainbow or Coconut for us.