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Started by kvarnell, February 13, 2013, 01:06:14 PM

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For us it has to be the Malibu on an evening :-)



ignore me just relized where the nut is i was right im a div

Jersey Bean

The Rainbow is opposite the Captains Restaurant and next to Hotel Marvel.

Jo Wissett

Has to be the Coconut for us! That's where we end our nights most of the time. We tend to spread our luurrve throughout the days, enjoying lovely chilled lunchtime wine at many taverna's, then obviously enjoy copious amounts at our restaurant of choice. We love having a nice chilled drink at the Akti then meander on down to Perry and Kosta for 'brown eyed girl' lol. Looking forward to re-visiting Whispers this year if it is still up and running. I have to say though that the Marinaki early evening swing takes a lot of beating!!


I am a total Nut girl but then again I don't mind drinking anywhere and everywhere in Arillas :)
Life is good ;)


My parents let my daughter sleep over night with them this year so I went out on my own for a bit of a tour , including a couple of Mythos on the bench like a Saddo on my own ! lol .  I ended up having a few beers in The Nut with a couple who were also staying at Tria. Fair play the guy behind the bar (the owner I presume???) gave us all a lift back as they had their daughter with them and she fell asleep in there.
I am sure he was married to one of the Tria Adelphia family , or did I dream this???
Anyway , this is another reason The Nut is my fave drinking hole, although I am sure there are plenty more people in Arillas that would have done the same
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It has to be Malibu on a warm evening sitting out with an ice cold beer great company and of course George and Kinga.



Quotegave us all a lift back as they had their daughter with them and she fell asleep in there.

Thats the way of the people in Arillas Karl.
Lost count of the number of times we have been given or offered a lift by the locals. but its not only in Arillas, we have been given lifts from San Stefanos on several occasions.


Hi John,
I must admit the best one we had was in Thassos. We were staying in Skala Potomias and went to the next resort of Golden Beach for a few "cold ones" with a couple that we met out there, this was all pre kids.
We missed the last bus back and then we were too late for a taxi so we started walking and an open back truck drove past us going in the opposite direction.
He turned the truck around , pulled over , ushered two into the cab (he couldn't speak ANY English at all) and pointed to the back of the truck for the other two. We stood up all the way home in the back of it leaning on the roof of the cab...... class !
He would not take a penny off us when he got us back either and started to take offence when we insisted he have some money.
Only in Greece eh............................
Wolverhampton Wanderers, pride of The Midlands......

dave mull

hi all
its got to be the nut for me kostas and perry and hanna make my holiday and have become good friends over the years  i like to try everywhere else as well. but does anyone else like me feel guilty if you go elsewhere how funny is that we will be there 5th aug till 26th aug if anyone is there then say hello
also jo whats this about whispers have i missed something
david and jayne xx


ohhh im so mixed i like,rainbow,akti ,thalasssa,and malibu ,for the afternoon ,then ammos ,akti ,and coconut for the eve,,xxxxx yammas


for me and ann if we go for our walk we pop in the rainbow the down to the malibu for a drink or two we go in the nut sum time ok we drink in all the bar`s

Val n Bill

Drink in all the bars ;D .......just like the rest of us then Keith.

                      Val x
The love affair continues.

Jo Wissett

Truth, yes that would have been the lovely Perry who is married to Philip's sister x