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Started by Diane Ford, November 01, 2012, 06:23:44 PM

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Diane Ford

Can anyone tell me what the hotel marina is like?  Are there plenty of sun beds by the pool ?


I would thoroughly recommend the Marina.  Lovely family, rooms rather small but spotless with tea/coffee making facilities, mini fridge, television and phone. Seafront location and most rooms have a lovely view. Vasilis, who runs it, goes out of his way to be helpful and no matter what time you arrive is there to greet you and help you settle in.

Ann K

Hi Diane.  Like Dorothy I couldn't recommend it highly enough.  We've stayed there for 13 out of 15 years and have already booked again for next year.  It is everything Dorothy says it is - and more, simply because of Vasillis and Anita who run it and their lovely children and all the rest of the family.  The pool is relatively new and just super to lie by and it is run by Sharon who will also make you welcome.
Ann x


I get confused on here - which is Sharon's pool?  Is it the one next to the Marina Hotel at the front or is it further along going towards what was Seabreeze?

Val n Bill

It's on the opposite corner to Marina, the other one further along is the Mirage.

          Val x
The love affair continues.


Thanks Val.  Because I know Erja said she was at Sharon's pool in her reports but I wasn't quite sure where it was!

Jo Wissett

Hi Diane. The Hotel Marina is just fab. Can't beat its
position with it literally being steps away from the lovely sandy beach! Vasilis and Anita are perfect hosts and will ensure your holiday is dream-like! The pool is run by Sharon as as far as I have seen there have always been plenty of sunbeds. My mum particularly loves the ones submerged in the pool!

Diane Ford

Thanks for all the replies - does anyone know if you can book this hotel through a tour company - flights on their own are so expensive - it is cheaper to book a package!!!


Unfortunately I believe you can only book Marina Hotel privately.  Not sure when you are thinking of going but I enquired of prices for next Sept.  Response I received was:

"I am glad to tell you that a room in our hotel with sea view is available for your dates. It costs 45 euros per night bed and continental breakfast for 2 guests
(not each).
one bedroom apt:40 euros per night for 2 guests -two bedroom apt:60 euros per night for 2 guests I forgot to mention that these rates includes your a/c unit."

Hope this helps you decide.

Jo Wissett

Tell you what, can't grumble at those prices eh! You'd be hard-pressed to get a Travel Lodge over here for that and prob not quite as stunning view!! Flights bargains are definitely to be had but only if you book as soon as they come out. I think the Akti were offering packages for 2 for an amazing £500 or so in the Summer


To be honest I think if there are only 2 of you, the Sun Bardis studios are a lot cheaper - they offered me 260 Euros for 10 days - I think that is fabulous and they have good reviews (although haven't stayed there before).   So Marina was quite expensive looking at it for the 2 of us.

And as we can get a package for around £840 for 2 of us for 10 days in Sept it is really only the convenience of day we wanted to go that is making us book privately.   

I really liked the look of the Marinaki but when I asked their prices I think (from poor memory) that they quoted us 500 Euros for ground floor apartment for same period but probably an apartment and more space than a studio but I think we'd rather spend the money in the tavernas including lunch!


Cheap and cheerful Phil is already booked into room 10 at Bardis. 180 a week for two is the cheapest you will get anywhere in the bladdy world, let alone here. But they at Bardis will be full of people who would pay twice as much or more, just to be there. Like PhinJen.



Well Phil, it leaves you a lot more money left over for all those Mythos!! 

We have stayed at Kaloudis and Akti Arilla so far, both on a package - and both were only studios too although the breakfast at Akti Arilla was very welcome!  Bobby at Bardis Sun sounds really lovely and friendly so can't wait to get there next year and I'm sure we'll have a fabulous time.   Most importantly is being in Arillas and although many of you stay a bit further away, "I do like to be beside the seaside!".  We're not sure we would be any good at staggering back at night after all those vinos to anything further away!

Really fancied Marinaki apartments but top floor only for the views so when they said they only had ground floor only for next Sept it was a no-goer from the start! 

I take it Phil Room 10 at Bardis Sun is the best then?

Carry on with your updates - living them.