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24th May Makris Apartments

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Mick and Jill:
Hi Derek

If you are talking about he large sandy coloured dog from portofino that was Shadow.  He had a fantastic nature and loved the holiday makers.  Unfortunately he was poisoned a year past October when Vicky was expecting George.  There is a photo of Shadow on Dimitris pictures under Beach party.

Last May Spiros son Yannis found a stray Husky so not sure if you mean this dog, he only had it for about a week before it was stolen from the back of the restaurant.  If it was the Husky they called her Bella. You might have seen my husband, daughter and myself walking her along the beach or around the block past Sea Breeze.  it must have looked peculiar a snow dog in such a hot place being walked by my husband who can't be missed due to all his tattoos.  How to lower the tone of Arillas.

Spiros son does have a dog now which is kept tied up at the back of the restaurant as it's not very friendly.  The only other pet they have is a snake!

Sorry for going on abit I get carried away when I talk about anything to do with Arillas.  :lol:


:D Only 16 days to go  :D Thanks carol i now think i have a pretty good idea of where the Makris apartments are  :)  
The dog i was asking about was Shadow, we were all upset to hear about his death  :cry:  :cry: Mick and Jill said that Shadow had a fantastic nature
( he also had a fantastic appetite  :lol: )  which was an understatement our daughter Gill made a special bond with him because she was missing our own dog ( sheba ) I will have to look out some of the pics of them together & post them Was he poisoned deliberately or was it just an unfortunate accident  :?:  On a happier note we cant wait to come back to
Arillas  :D

Mick and Jill:
Hi Derek

The old woman that lives behind Portofino put posion down and it looks like Shadow ate it.  It was very upsetting, as you said his appetite was as big as him.  He was such a friendly giant and liked nothing more than getting into the apartments upstairs and making himself comfy on your bed.  It would be good to see some photos of him, we have a couple like you I just couldn't resist taking pictures of him.

Under 2 weeks to go now.

Best wishes Jill


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