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Started by dave mull, March 13, 2012, 07:39:34 PM

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Hello Nicola,
the August festival will be taking place every year in the first weekend of August.
This year it's going to be on Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th of August 2012.
It's called the ANTAMOMA ( Αντάμωμα) festival.
It's the reunion of the local "Arillas expats" that are spread widely in Greece and in the entire world.
While many of them are on vecation in Arillas during this period visiting their family and homes, it has been established that we do this two-day festival in order to celebrate the fact that allthough they are not any more permanent residents of Arillas they still have the wish to come back every year to visit their hometown and talk about their lifes etc.
Of cource the event is not only for the locals .! everyone is ivited to join the party where  local folcrore dancing groups and clubs come from allover Greece to join us.

Quote from: nicmccluskey on June 14, 2012, 01:16:44 PM
HI Arilliacs!!!
Does anyone know if the local Arillas festival is on again this year? Its the one opposite the Marvel, just down from The Captains and is usually around our wedding anniversary- 2nd August.
I know this thread is regarding Wine Festival- but couldn't find the thread for this one.
many thanks
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Dimitris- Efharisto polee!!
My husband and I have attended this festival before- even joining in with the dancing! My husband and I always love the great music and the great atmosphere. We will make sure we go this year.
Thanks for your help

Old fast bowler

Result!!...we arrive on the 7th for the first time...what a welcome


Oh dear. We will miss this one as well. Such is the history of PhilandJen. We fly abroad (back to UK) on Friday 3rd.

But to be honest, we will be chilled, Arillaxed, and very happy people having spent 3 weeks with some of the most beautiful people in the world, both Greek and British, and with any luck from many other parts of the world. In truth, Jen and me don't need festivals. Arillas is enough for us.


Val n Bill

This is a lovely festival, we have been a couple of times, but not this year as we leave the week before this time. :(

                  Val x
The love affair continues.


phil and jen
we have met u a few times and u are so lovely both of you.. next time we meet im sure we shall have a beer or 7!!My hubby recently lost his job and has gone to arillas for some work. U may have seen him- he does Neil Diamond in the Coconut
take care u arriliacs!!


We will be in Arillas on 4 August, would we be welcome to attend the wine festival or is it just for locals?  Thanks x


Oooops, sorry about the question re wine festival in August - I know realise that its the Antamona Festival in August - is this like the wine festival?  What happens there?  Thanks x


Well, festival on 14th July, the day we arrived, and we ended up playing Bingo at the Rainbow with the illustrious Eggy calling the numbers. You just couldn't put this lot in a bottle.

(BTW Wendy has other words to describe him.....)

Some have told us that they really enjoyed it, and I bet they did. P;up in a brewery? Just can't go wrong really.

The wine festival is in September, and OMG it is the best and most wonderful event in the Arillas calendar. If you can be here for that JUST DO IT.



I am being a bit previous I know - but how can I find out the dates for the 2013 'Wine' festival. Phil and I would love to be in Arillas for it - and I have a hot date with Kevin Gable lol xxxxxxxxxxxx
We were in Arillas for 2 whole months and going again for 2 weeks :-)

Ann K

I stand to be corrected but I think somewhere on this forum I have read that the wine festival is always the second weekend in September.  I'm sure someone will say if I'm wrong.
Ann x


Yes, Ann K - I think that Dimitris told me a couple of years ago that it is usually the second weekend in September

Janis x

Jo Wissett

To everyone going here tomorrow....YAMMAS!! I will raise a toast from Oswaldtwistle!


Sadly was rained off on 7th. Does anyone know if it has been rescheduled?


I understand it will be tonight, weather permitting.