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Started by dave mull, March 13, 2012, 07:39:34 PM

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Yet another year we will miss this :-( - hopefully we will catch it when we retire. Anne
We were in Arillas for 2 whole months and going again for 2 weeks :-)


I have been having my own wine fest at home laid up in bed with a bottle of greek wine I have made a medical discovery its good for sciatica.But I hasten too add I only partake in the evening.


Can I just confirm the dates for the wine festival this Sept - 2012 - is it 7th and 8th or 8th and 9th???   What actually happens at this time in Arillas, i.e. we are considering a flight at 5.45 am Friday 7th instead of a decent time 10th so we can go to it - is it worth it??? :-)


The wine festival is very special. Here are some pics from the one we attended in 2008.

You buy a special glass carafe for about 3 euros and can fill it up as many times as you wish from the very good local wine. Greek dancing, souvlakiaand all in all an amazing experience for very little money. We went both nights of course, just to check one wasn't better than the other.....


Paul C

Gosh Phil
That seems like just yesterday, the night you lost your legs


I couldn't believe it either Paul. Checked with Jen before I posted. Amazing how time flies, and how I keep having to collect my legs from Lost Property.....

love to you and Di.


we also did the wine festival..2010, we went in as strangers and ended the night as friends, 6 greek locals joined us 2, they spoke no English...we no Greek but we all understood each other within an husband was up doing his Anthony Quinn with a Greek lady of advanced years to Zorba!
By the end of the evening spent in great company with so much laughter she had written down her phone no 3 times and wanting us to come for tea tjhe next day, when unfortunately we had to fly home.
Amazing night promised for anyone who visits that time of year.


Can anyone confirm the actual dates for this year?  Sounds like I can't afford to miss it :-)


This year it's going to be on the 7th and the 8th September 2012.
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Perfect - thanks - hope to see you there and of course we will be visiting Brouklis again during our visit - last visited June 2010 and had a fabulous time.


We will be there again this year cant wait.

Mick and Jill

Phil you could always miss your flight and stay an extra week


Jill x
Jill XXX


Jill luvver, it would have to be more than a week - we both wish we could just stay till November. Like you, we get so much out of even the quietest days with our friends. Sometimes we prefer those to the parties....

Have your usual great time in three weeks from now. But then that doesn't need saying.

Love from both of us


HI Arilliacs!!!
Does anyone know if the local Arillas festival is on again this year? Its the one opposite the Marvel, just down from The Captains and is usually around our wedding anniversary- 2nd August.
I know this thread is regarding Wine Festival- but couldn't find the thread for this one.
many thanks


Hello Nic,

See below :)

Quote from: dimitris on April 20, 2012, 11:10:46 AM
This year it's going to be on the 7th and the 9th September 2012.
Life is good ;)