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Started by Jo Wissett, June 16, 2010, 06:52:46 PM

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Jo Wissett

Hi Folks I urgently need your help!! Does anyone know if Thetis could accommodate 2 adults and kids in a room? My friends want to go over on 31st July for 1 week.  We have tried all the folllowing

Marina apts
Irene Villas
Bardis sun hotel



Thetis will look after them quite well, I think, providing they have the rooms left to suit.

Spiros is a good guy and his English is good. It's one of the places we visit to enjoy the sunbeds and pool and hospitality.

I'll get the best conatct details and e-mail you need if required.
( A very good excuse for e to be there for an ouzo with a good pal )


Jo Wissett

eggy that would be great if you could. cant seemtofind any contact details. they want to book fri before flights go


Mick and Jill

What about Alex and Stellas apartment above the supermarket?
Jill XXX

Jo Wissett

Eggy, I think they have got something sorted for Kaloudis in their private apt but dont let me stop you going for that ouzo!!Thanks Mick and Jill but think they were after a pool if poss x

Mike and Debbie

Hi Jo,

Spare room at Makris for that week if you need one.