booked marina for 2010

Started by kevin.g, July 17, 2009, 10:02:25 PM

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booked for next year ,,,,,,got a 2 bed at marina for e360 for 10 days early june,and mum a 1 bed for e300 for the 10days inc breakfast................yammas


On the ball like me Kevin...Well done and not bad prices.



yeh,,well happy with the price,,just need the flights now .........come on easyjet............yammas

Paul D

Well done  Kev.    Won`t make it for June next year as were looking to Crete.
Hopefully we`ll get there in September.  Good luck with the flights.

             Yammas   Paul D
Arillas - `perfect antidote to life`s stresses and strains`!


They're really good prices Kev, did you email them?  We are thinking of trying Marina in September.

Sharon x


Good prices! I might try there next time


Life is good ;)


Thanks to Kev sending me a pm , We have e-mailed Vasilis and booked for 10days in May we dont know which yet looking at 10th -20tgh but depends on flights. We are hoping to be able to tell him for defo  on 12th October when we go home for our autum visit so I hope the schedules are out before then. Viv

Stay Nude it ante rude


We are just back from staying at the Marina and it really is a super place to stay.  Rooms very comfortable and with fridge, TV and telephone! Whole family is so friendly and helpful.  Enjoy!



Viv - you need to delay your May break for a few days so we can meet up again in Arillas!!! We get there on the 17th...
Janis x


those prices sound really good and very tempting!
If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

janet mcewan

fantastic prices hoping to go myself next year looks lovely and heard the family are so lovely



Hi all,
Just booked Marina for two weeks from 24thJuly 2010.
Took advantage of 25% Easyjet sale and got great price for two rooms from Vasilis.
All done in blink of an eye on line!! Fab!
Cant wait to get back, only second visit but felt completely at home last July!...
Bringing Sister inlaw to show her what its all about!
Met justphil and Jontheref last July... I was the Everton fan!
Patrick and Annette.


Well done Pat and Annette! Maybe you can take another pic of Jen and me being blown into the sea by the Mistraio! (With our Eileen clinging on...)

We're there from 12th to 26th July so will see yous again! Sadly John and Dot will have departed by then - a week earlier than us. Maybe a couple of (non-alcoholic?????) drinks are in order, to celebrate?

best wishes

Mick and Jill

Great, we have booked up for the Marina in June and September.  Great location and ideal for mam with having the lift.

Jill XXX