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Started by alex, June 13, 2009, 08:48:38 AM

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i was surprised to see what work aris has done to the hotel over the past year. even though we didnt stayed there we went up to the pool on a few occasions. we notice he has now got air conditioning units in all his rooms and he said yes and colour tv in all his rooms to.
i als notice the change at varies accomodations this year with not going last year the akti has a new front and pool and the marina with its new lift and pool which fits in with the surroundings well and doesnt look out of place.
overal i think arillas looks as wonderfull as ever.


Looking forward to experiencing these improvements for myself when we arrive in September, we are staying at the Bardis Hotel, cant wait!!

Also looking forward to a dip in the Akti's pool too!

Lisa and Steve

It was really nice to have air con and tv at the bardis hotel last year.Off there tomorrow on the 5.55 flight.


We stayed there last September... brilliant accommodation, lovely breakfast, great pool, air con and tv, fridge and kettle too, close to the beach... didnt need anything else!

Wish we were there too -  Lisa & Steve... have a great holiday - if anyone remembers us give them our love... p.s. Mike fell off his ladder Thursday and broke his foot, you can say he is "plastered" now..  good job we arent flying anywhere at the moment!
If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.


That`s bad luck, bg. Hope you have a well recovered patient soon. xx


thanks for that... it is nice having him home though, like a holiday... just hope the weather holds here in the Uk... we have been eating outside, breakfast under the gazebo was like sitting at the Captains!  Greek music playing - great, brought back so many memories!

Well... Lisa and Steve are there now, no doubt chilling out in one of the restaurants with a cold beer!
If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.


BG luvver we are going to miss yous in Arillas this year, just like you will miss being there. We so loved meeting you both last September. In the street opposite Vasillis supermarket and Irinis art shop I think. Mike on the phone home, the hair walking down the street......

And then the wine festival, the Horizon etc etc. Have posted pics to prove that one!

Sorry about Mike's foot - he should drink more. When you fall off a ladder after a few you bounce... I should know!

Bardis is one of the few parts of Arillas we haven't done yet. Either of them. Judging by the forum we will thoroughly enjoy when we do next year!

Enjoy Cornwall tough. And don't forget to live it as it is - all too easy to just compare it with Arillas and find it wanting. Cornwall is beautiful too.....



Thanks Phil.... Cornwall wont compare but I am sure it will be lovely especially if the weather is good... at least mikes foot will have healed by September.  can you imagine the disaster and frustration if we were flying out this week!
If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.


Hi BG, sorry to hear about Mikes foot, ive broken a bone so i know how painful it is!!

Hope he recovers asap!!


thanks Claire.. we will know more when we go to the "bone Doctor" tomorrow -whether the cast comes off and he has the "boot" instead which will make it easier for him... what a performance, I didnt realise how difficult everyday things can be when you have broken something.  If we were in Arillas we would be "beach and bar bound" - no walking which wouldnt be a bad thing would it!
If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.