Air Con?

Started by Bay Walkers, May 04, 2009, 08:17:58 PM

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Bay Walkers

As folk on here know info in brochures/web pages isn't always full and up to date and we're interested to know if any of these have air con?
(Apols if this has been asked before)

Leonidos Studios & Apts (opp Tria Adelphia)


John & Frances
Whitley Bay

Paul D

Hi.    Leonidas didn`t when we stayed in 2005, but maybe that has changed. Sorry, can`t help with the others.   Whichever you choose ,you`ll enjoy.
   Yammas     Paul D
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Leonidas didn't have air con last year. Sadly, Leonidas has passed away since then, but his family will keep the apartments open. I don't think they will have done any air con in this year tho.

Paul C

The Makris has air con payable locally. Have not stayed there ourselves but friends of ours go back year after year. We often visit them there and have always found plenty of room around the pool. A bit far out from the main areas for our liking but if you don't mind a ten minute walk to the sea front they are pretty good.