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OK Good People of the Forum, get your thinking caps on.
Friends of ours want to spend a week in Arillas in September. They are child free and want fairly quiet accomadation, with a pool, maybe 5/10 minutes from the beach. ( No hills to walk up or down ) They were going to do flight only but with flight prices seeming to be on the increase probably a package deal would be cheaper and easier for first time visitors. Recommendations very welcome.

The Horizon is nice and quiet has a lift and a pool no hills,Bardis sun(though maybe a bit noisy)Ivan will be in a better position than me over the Bardis.Mathraki also ask Eileen.they are the only ones that fall into all the cats.Up hill (gentle walk) is the Rainbow complex,rest of the places are a bit to far out.Makris now has a pool and has always been quiet,then you have the Gallini, Tri Adlephi and also just past the Gallini the new place and also on the corner by the stream the place owned by the people from Arillas Travel.I dont think there are anymore in Arillas with pools,oops tell a lie there is one up past the Tri Adelphi it's with Manos but i do not know its name.Then there is Anna's of course but that IS up a hill

Only been to Arillas once (so far). Stayed at the Rainbow, nice people, nice pool, not too noisy, 5 - 10 mins walk to beach.
Can't speak for anywhere else, but have booked the Rainbow again for this year.

Steve & Val

Also Arillas Bay. has it's own pool. Just behind Sea Breeze, Manos, I think thats the one Harold's thinking of. A nice roomy apartment  with a triffic view but does not have a lift.

Hello Viv,
No i forgot about Sea Breeze,on dirty old man corner.The place i was thinking of is before you get into Arillas,its the first place you come to as you start to drop down from the main road,its on the right,about a 30 minute walk from the front.


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