When is everybody going.

Started by sharonF, February 15, 2008, 05:00:19 PM

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Been trawling through the photos, flippin heck, I cant wait to go back. 

When is everybody going.

Hopefully it will be May and Sept for me.

sharon x


Might just see you in Sept, going 9th till 23rd.



If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.


looks like we are going to miss everybody we are going in june! although i might persuade martin to go in september, after all we will need to chill out after our sons wedding in august!!
ger x

Paul C

8th September for two weeks hope to see you all.



I go from  20 Sept - 14 October! :D

Marika x x x



I go from 14th - 28th July and can't wait!!
Cheryl O


Paul & Denise

29th Sept for 2 weeks, wish it was sooner!!

Sandy x

May see you again October Paul and Denise...nothing sorted yet...hope you are both ok
Sandy x


May 12-19 tria-adelphia
could be back later in the summer too


And I do not t to Greece, shame !!


Come on Dieter you are letting the side Down. lol

Paul & Denise

that would be good, Eric & Sue are there as well. I believe that they are also going 12 May (ish) for two weeks. Are you going to post pictures of your place on this site when you next go over?

Wendy n Stu

We go 19th May for 2 weeks and then back again 8th Sept for 2 weeks.  Can't wait!  W & S. xx