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car hire
« on: October 07, 2004, 03:25:13 PM »
Just a word of warning. We all know that most Corfu roads are a section of deep holes joined together by a little tarmac. The first day we were there in September we hired a car for 14 days. On the first day of our arrival we only did about 12 kilometres and on the morning of the second day noticed one of the front tyres was low on air. When I took it back and the wheel trim was removed there were 3 almighty dents in the wheel.
It was only because we have been hiring cars from the same people over the last 6 years thereby having their trust and, also having the car for only half a day at that time, that they believed the damage was not down to us. It cost them approx 70/80 Euros to replace the wheel. So when hiring a car, apart from the obvious checks ask the hirer to remove the wheel trims and check the wheels, otherwise at the end of the hire period it would be difficult to prove that any damage was not of your doing and could end up being charged for the repair. I would be interesed to know if anyone else has had problems similar to this.