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Started by Eggy, August 08, 2007, 04:30:35 PM

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I have just been to Arillas and it is "Heaving". It's also Heaven, as we all know, but it was also "Heaving" today. I struggled to find a parking place.
3 pm in the afternoon and Brouklis still busy. Costas on the beach open? The first time I have seen them open at Lunchtime for a few years. Everywhere busy except the unfortunate Malibu & Coconut which were empty. But I'm sure they will get a lot of business tonight!. The beach was packed. People everywhere!
I've never seen Arillas in August and, so I'm told, a lot of Italians and Greeks take their holidays at this time. Brighton beach "eat yer heart out!" 
It's good to see though but a bit of an eye opener for naive ole me. Always thought Arillas was so laid back having only been here May & late September.


Just goes to show no week or month is the same as another, its good to get these insights from you Eggy, we learn a little something nearly everyday with your posts, its fab, hope you never tire of posting!


I wondered if it ever got like that...  Mike said would you like to be there now and I actually said No... I guessed it might be busier at this time of year what with kids off school etc.  I prefer it much quieter.
If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.


After last year my Mum has been dreading August, Arillas seems to get invaded by the Italians, on top of all the German and Bristish visitors it makes it very busy indeed. With a constant stream of traffic going down to and from the beach it makes walking the dogs quite a chore. I believe Italy as a acountry shuts down in August. Good for the trade but I wouldn't like it, still 1 bad month out of 12 isn't bad going.


It might not be our cup of tea going when it is busy but at least it is good for the people of Arillas!!


Exactly, its each to their own isnt it, i too prefer the quieter month of May/June, but as you say it is good for the people of Arillas, lots of customers, means lots of 'kerching' to see them through the winter months!


I like the subject "Arillas Today" Eggy, its like an online newspaper.

Could we have a  .....wait for it.......News Eggsclusive every day please?


*LOL* Smiffy! I was looking earlier at the webcam and thinking that it indeed looked rather busy.
Life is good ;)


What made you laugh??!!  Is it my way of words?!


Life is good ;)


You seem to have the best of both worlds Eggy, out with the crowds or at home in your lovely little quite corner. Viv

Stay Nude it ante rude

James W

On Sunday, Brighton beach was absolutely, completely, and utterly... er.....umm..... busy.

Glad we didn't go there.   ;-)

I sincerely hope Arillas beach never gets so crowded you cannot put a hankie down, let alone a towel.   Especially the first week of September 2007  ;-)


i love arillas any time of the year,except school holidays ,call me a prude, but ive my sentence of augusts over the years and im glad my daughter is 19  and is welcome to come away with us any time we want to go ,,,,,,,,,,,,


you've got me worried eggy. we go on the 20th hope it's not massively busy!
Thanks for your on- site reports...they are really helpful and interesting


Just had a text off my Mum saying that Arillas is absolutely packed, so much she has given up driving as its quicker to walk now on small journies due to how many cars are on the roads. I remember her saying the same things last year and the crowds do seem to go down as the month progresses. Can't imagine Arillas like that I always tend to go May/June and September as I don't like the extreme heat.