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anywhere have comfortable double beds?

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does anywhere in Arillas have double beds or comfortable single beds? the 2 places I have stayed at both had really hard beds and I like soft mattresses.

Also, does it work out reasonable to book your accommodation directly and arrange flights yourself?

We'd really like to return but perhaps have the use of a small villa or apartment rather than a cramped studio or hotel room.

Hi Kerri

I havn't had the problem of uncomfortable beds like you as i suffer with a back problem so the harder the better for me.

On the flight / accommodation front i have booked my own a few times now and find it reasonable on the purse and easy to do.

The flights this year are a little dearer  :cry:  the cheapest i have found for August is 240 about 70 more than last year a good site to log on to is travelsupermarket.com there are plenty of "direct book" places to stay advertised on this forum i stay at the Gratziella (use the pool at the Bardis Hotel) same people own both, and will arrange a taxi transfer 2.

Good luck with your search  :D
Yvonne x

Mr & Mrs Cafes:
Hi, we have stayed at the Marina Hotel in the past and the front 4 rooms with sea view all have double beds.  Very comfy.  This year the rest of the hotel is with a Norwegian company but the front rooms are still private.  You can contact them by clicking on the icon on the map on this forum and they will give you a price for the room.  We have done both private and package deals in the past and it really depends on how cheap you can get your flights as the accommodation is a similar price throughout the resort.  This year we priced both for September but to be honest we found that the deals with Manos were so good that we couldn't beat them.  Happy booking anyway, then you can knock the days off the calendar! :)

Hi, Arillas Bay 2 rooms have 1 doublein one room and 2 sigles in the other, as well as a big sittingand kithen area. Problems with my back as well (getting old) and no problems with their beds. Viv

Wherever we have stayed in Greece the beds are those pine kind and are rock hard.  I have trouble sleeping on these for any length of time (I am up with the birds) and by the time 2 weeks are up am glad to be going home to my own bed.  The only reason I want to leave though! What with that and being on a sunbed for a long time plays havoc with my back.  I have to put loads of blankets on the mattress first.  Goodness knows what the maid thinks!  I dont expect where we are going in Arillas to be any different, seems the beds are all uniform in each accommodation unless you stay in a 'posh' hotel.  I am hoping I am proved wrong though.


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