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I'm new here.  :D I have been to Arillas before but it was at least 11-12 years ago so I imagine it will of changed quite a bit! :roll:
We are going to the Arilas Bay Apartments at the end of May 2006. We are two adults and two children, staying in a two bedroom apartment.
Can anyone tell me a bit more about the apartments? Has anyone visited this season? What are the two bedroom apartments like? Are they as close to the beach as I think they might be?
Any comments welcome! Starting to get excited now!!!

Hi Mandy, very near beach, just behing sea view. If yu get on the top floor you can see forever, balcony goes right round so you can be in shade or sun all day on there.
Very roomy and your host are lovely, have been once and had a bit of sand left in corners of kitchen, but  beds sheets and towels always clean.
We like them a lot and have used them a few times. Viv

Hi Mandy, My family and I stayed at the Arillas Bay in July 2005, we had a two bed apt which had a balcony that was front facing so therefore overlooking the pool and the sea which was fantastic and also side/back view.  The accommodation was basic, but the location is fantastic.  Yianni who owns the apartments is a great host, I guarantee you will be made very welcome and will have a great holiday.  The beach is on your doorstep.  We also went to Arillas in summer 2004 and stayed at the bardis sun hotel which was also great but we needed a room for 2 adults and 2 children last year so we choose the Arillas Bay.  Unfortunately we are not going on holiday this year although would love to.  We left a cd in the Seabreeze (which is the restaurant/bar in the Arillas Bay), it was the Faithless cd and Yianni loved it so my husband left it with him, if any of the music from it is played while your holiday can you post a reply and let me know and if you get talking to him ask if he remembers us, we were the Northern Irish ones!, that might jog his memory.   I hope you enjoy yourselves, I am so jealous, let me know how you get on.

Elaine Law

Hi Viv and Elaine
Thanks for your replys! The apartments sound as though they will be fine for us and the kids.
Last year we a a week in a spanish villa but we were miles from the beach(not good with kids), and also a week on our own on Halki which was divine. We would love to go back there as we went very soon after a family tragedy :cry:  and spent the first few days in a state of shock! Halki was absolutly beautiful but not much there to entertain kids except the beach.
Looking forward to Arillas and lazing about on the beach and by the pool! Nil by mouth until I get there though cos my bikini seems a couple of sizes too small :oops:

The Arillas Bay Apartments are absolutely great.  You could not find better.   :lol:
We are staying there for the second time from 1st May and cannot wait.
We have two kids and they had a fab time too.


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