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Book Mirage direct?


Hi, does anyone know if you can book direct with the Mirage apartments?  We have flights booked for August and staying at the Horizon for a week but it's full after that.  Has anyone been there since it opened?


Lisa and Steve:
Don't know about the mirage but you could always try the bardis sun studios.It is only a short walk up the road.You can either try www.corfuescape.com or the owners son Bobby www.whoru@altecnet.gr.


I have been in contact with Mirage apartments looking for availability, they said they were fully contracted out to Thomas Cook and I could only book through them, unfortunately no rooms in June, you might be lucky later in the year, he also said they were ready and waiting, we saw them last October, I'm sure they will be lovely as is their restaurant and pool,



hi chorlton fiona!

try ina though am not sure of her e mail. See you saturday. xxx

Thanks, will try Bardis!  Can't believe you have a god award for all your posts Gaye, you really are an arillasahlolic!!

Fiona    :D


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