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hi there can anyone help me. whats  the best place to stay with a young baby in arillas please?

Hello Charley and welcome to the forum :D

Will this be you first visit to Arillas, or your first with a baby in tow?  When are you thinking of visiting?

Perhaps you have others in your party who have preferences too which you have to take into consideration?  It does not take long to get to the beach or the centre of Arillas from most of the accomodations, but it would perhaps help the other members in their recommendations to you.

My daughter took her son to Arillas when he was a baby, but unfortunately the apartments are not now available through a U.K tour op'.

I always think cram as many holidays as  you can whilst the little one is under two, it doesn't matter if you get child reductions after that age, cos the tour op's hit you with room supplements to make up for it! :cry:

I'm sure you will get many recommendations, but I can assure you that Arillas is very welcoming to children...especially babies. :D  You'll love it.


hi thanks not booked yet just wondered if anyone can help, never been before some years ago heard about it thought it sounded nice. then on looking on this site cant believe how many folk go back year after year.


--- Quote from: charley976 ---looking on this site cant believe how many folk go back year after year.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, you better believe it. :D...it seems to work a spell on many of us...just you wait! :wink:

This is only our 4th year coming to Arillas, we are just newbies compared to other members of the forum.  No matter what other holidays some of us go in a year we always try to get our Arillas fix!

For most of us it's the genuine and friendly welcome we get, the laidbackness of the locals, (and most of us visitors too).  Arillas is fairly small, but it has enough eateries to to last you a fortnight without visiting any of them twice.  Therein the difficulty arises, because you WILL want to visit many of them again...so you JUST HAVE to return to try the rest. :D

This really isn't answering your question is it. :?

We always took our grandson to the Mathraki, which as I explained before you cannot book now in the U.K.  I hesitate to recommend any others not having stayed in them with a youngster.  Perhaps somewhere on the seafront would be ideal.  If you don't want to go on a package there are many to choose from renting privately.  You can arrange flights around the little one if you book independantly, although it doesn't always work out cheaper.


I have stayed at the Horizon three times, am returning this year and would thoroughly recommend it.  Hotel facilities- but rooms have catering facilities  and a fridge, super location directly across from the beach.



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