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Thomson.Cancelled contract.

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Lisa and Steve:
We have had a letter from Thomson today saying that they can no longer offer  holidays at the bardis sun. We have been staying there for years and were booked to go twice this year. We are bitterly disappointed.BUT have changed to go to the Kaloudis instead.Glad just to be able to still go to Arillas. Has anyone else had the same problem?

i tried to book at the bardis hotel before christmas i could get a price when i tried to book after christmas for september i couldnt get a price online or in the shop. i am staying at the kaloudous may and september this year, but like yourselves i have stayed at the bardis for the last 5 years. alex

Lisa and Steve:
Hi Alex.

Do you think we will like the Kaloudis. Trying to decide where to go in June as only larger apartments available at the Kaloudis and don't want to pay the extra.may end up going back to Ibiza. As we fly from the local airport we are limited to where we can go.

my sons have stayed at the kaloudous and they look very clean and well equipted, we got a good price for may, but i like to get booked early to make sure i get my yearly fix of arilas. i will be asking costos who he is going with, i new the studios was now with someone else, but as far as i new the bardis hotel was staying with thomson alex

Lisa and Steve:
When we were there last August Dorita said they were staying with Thomson which is why we booked.So we were not very happy when the letter arrived this afternoon. Yeah next door are with another company but the flights are a bit restrictive. We like to go from either Norwich or Stansted.


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