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 We have been with Manos, Thomson, Skytours and Thomas Cook.
 In defence of Manos which were the cheapest to go with, they are the company that gave us the least problems.

 Dave, I have also tried to get cheap flights from Scotland and the north of England and get accom' over there but have always ended up taking the package as it is always cheaper..

 Must admit the best accom' was Kaloudis..

 Hope this helps...

 P.S. notice your from same area as us... :wink:

Dave Griffiths:
Hi Malky, we go to Zante every September and we get some really cheap flights 120 last year, but they dont seem to be has cheap to Corfu, but trying to book something for Arillas in May, living in Darlington now we always fly from Darlington or Teeside.

Take care.

Hi Dave

Are you trying to book the Kaloudis through thompson on line?

Tracey 8)

Dave Griffiths:
Hi Tracey&Peter, yes I am but it keeps wanting to charge us double occupancy.
take care.

Tropicana are just down the road from the Tria Adelphi towards the Galini.They did have a web site just after they opened,but i think it has disapeared maybe Eileen or Dimitris would know a link.If i find one i will let you know.


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