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Dave Griffiths:
Has anyone any info on the Tropicana Studios I think they pulled out of the Manos Brochure, would like a phone No or e-mail address etc, also if you go flight only will any of the owners of the apartments pick you up and drop you off at the airport? Went to Arillas last year with Manos and it took us longer to transfer from the airport to Arillas than it did to fly from Newcastle to Corfu, we are hoping to go to Arillas for 2 weeks in May.
Take care.

Most apartment owners will only be too glad to arrange a taxi for you from the Airport. Just give them all your flight details when booking direct with them. Don't know any info on the Tropicana - Sorry.

Dave Griffiths:
Thanks Negg,any idea how much a taxi is?
Take care.

Hi Dave

You should be able to get a taxi for 40 euros - that's what we were paying last year.  However, do check with the driver before you set off from the airport to confirm what he will charge.

Yes, the coach transfers from the airport are pretty tedious - especially when they are in the middle of the night!  The taxi should get you to Arillas in less than an hour.

Enjoy your holiday

Dave Griffiths:
Thanks Fiona, just have to sort out flight and somewhere to stay.
Take care.


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