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The first time we took our kid to Arillas, they were 5 +9, they had a great time! we've been back 7 times since then and last year our 16 year old was with us.  She realy enjoyed the holiday, however she thought that she should stay at home this year, so we didn't book for her and now she's sick cos she's gonna miss everyone she knows in Arillas. It gets you like that! Be warned. lol

Marie Gibbon:
i agree with you maggie, i couldnt go anywhere else now and im 18

Mick and Jill:
Hi Snee

You will love Arillas.  We went once and that was it haven't been any where else since and now go twice a year.  Everyone in the village is so family orientated your children will love it.  We took our 21yr old daughter last May and we hardky saw her all week, she has made alot of good friends there.

Enjoy your holiday

Hi Snee
Just like Mick & Jill we go twice a year now ,we would like it to be more and we are out on 24th for 2 weeks, you will certainly fall in love with Arillas and all the friendly people.
You will also get alot of info off the forum on all questions you might have!

speak again



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