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Hi everyone

I stayed at the Makris last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This year I want to be lazy and stay at the beach.  Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced self catering hotel or appartments and where the best place is to book online?



I really liked the Marina Hotel when I was in Arilas last year.  Can anyone tell me which company to book it through?

Sorry to be a pain.

Claire x

Hello Claire,

You are not being a pain at all, we are all here to help each other make the most of their holiday in Arillas. :)

I'm sure that one of the Marina regulars will be able to confirm this, but I had heard that they are now contracted to a European tour operator.

The Marina owners also have superb apartments at the far end of the seafront (the nudie end).  My sister and brother-in-law stayed in them soon after they opened in 2004 and I can vouch for their fab location and facilities.  Bear in mind this does mean doing flight only.  If considering flight only there are other apartments on the seafront, for example the Portofino or Alex's (above/behind minimarket).

To book the Marina apartments (called Marinaki) direct, or to enquire who to book the hotel through you can email them here:   arillashotelmarina@yahoo.gr   or you can ring them on 0030 26630 51100, 51102, 51103 or 0030 26610 91786

There are new apartments opening this year next to the Mirage, called incidently...The Mirage apts!  They are bookable through Thomas Cook.

Then there is the Horizon hotel on the seafront, bookable through Libra.

Good luck,

Hi Claire,I know im going off track abit here but i read that you stayed at the Makris.Could you please tell me what the studios are like (sleeping arrangements)We have 2 booked for this year im staying in 1 studio with my husband and 15 year old son and then my 2 daughters and 1 of their friends are staying in another.I hope you can help.......Last year we stayed at the Arillas Bay apartments overlooking the sea and they were brilliant....Thanks cx

Mr & Mrs Cafes:
The Marina have gone with a Norwegian Company this year however they have kept a few Hotel rooms back for private bookings.  You can book the best room in the house, top floor, sea view, great balcony and double bed for 35 euros a night.  Just contact Anita on the website address you have been given.  Also they have apartments available directly across from the Marina, we have stayed in them a few times and they are fine.  As stated the new ones down the road are gorgeous.  There are a lot of private apartments along the road, most of which are shown on the forum.  We have stayed with Alex above the supermarket and with Ina at the shop and both were fine.  If you go on the link "flights to corfu" there are plenty of direct flights from the main airports but it depends where you are flying from.  We have just booked for 2 weeks in September and the flights cost us 390 all in so with taxi transfers, insurance and accommodation it will be about 750.  There are plenty of package deals even cheaper at present.  There are flight only arrangements via the Thomson website, Thomas Cook, Manos, Olympic and Libra.  Let me know if you want any more info.  Happy searching.  W. x


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