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Started by julied, May 01, 2013, 09:50:42 AM

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Can anyone tell me please. I am just going to book the Akti Hotel and was
wondering which will be the sunny side in the evening and also which is
the new building and which is the old. I have read up on as much as I can
but cannot find these details. Might seem a strange question but I know to a
lot of people it is just a room to sleep in but we like to spend a couple of hours
each evening on the balcony. Or better still a room number to ask for
Many Thanks


ive stayed in the atki ,and enjoyed my stay ,,all i would say is not to get a room in the annex as its oppsite the coconut and malibu so a bit noisy at night-time but the main hotel was ok ,,as for the sun ,,well we found the road side of the hotel better and also had better views,,,a great family run hotel ,,maria(mum) the chef spiros (son) your host behind the bar,kostas (son)reception,and the the old man(stamatis) just flutters about, lol,a lovely pool ,and the evenings in the bar fab ,,yammas


Hi Kevin

Thanks for that although I thought it would be sunnier on the back in the evening
whatever I am sure it will be great thanks


yep, the back of the hotel is sunnier in the evening, but the newer part is the only one with rooms overlooking the back, lovely views of alex appts garden and beyond. the rooms in the new part have a bath and large bathrooms, both old and new have fridges in the rooms, and lots of storage space.
rooms facing the road get the sun first thing in the morning, a lovely way to start the day, coffee in hand watching everyone come to life, sweeping and cleaning getting ready for the day!
which ever room you get it will be lovely, even the ones right opposite the bars have their charms, you can lie in bed listening to the music!!
they do have double glazing which keeps some of the sounds out, but if you are a really light sleeper amybe some earplugs, or just go and join in, whatever you do you will have a lovely time at the akti
ger x


Its six of one and half a dozen of the other. The Main hotel is older than the annex, but up to 2012 the most recent update of rooms was the main hotel.

We have been front and back of main and in the annex. We are happy to just be there. The back gets more sun in the evening, but we liked the front for being able to people watch and get some of the music from the bars which we like. After being round the pool till 7pm, sun on the balcony isn't a high priority for us.

The service is great and although not hugely pushed in my opinion, the food is lovely.

Gary & Carolyn (45 days and counting)