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Dave & Rachel:
:cry: Not able to get to the marvellous, But we are coming to arillas :D  :D . Can anyone please tell us where the Makris is,as cant find it on map... :?:  :?: What type of walk are we looking at from the marvellous or should i say crawl.

http://www.arillas.com/map.html - try this.  I would say, dependent on the heat its about 10 mins if that  :)

Hi Dave and Rachel

Sorry to hear you were't able to get into the Marvellous.  When are you going to Arillas?

Don't forget to take a torch for your walk back to the Makris!  :roll:

Have a great time


Hi Dave and Rachel
We stayed here about 4 yrs ago,before they built the pool.Its in a lovely location about  10 mins walk to the beach via the Bardis Hotel & Studios.
Tha apartment are quite large  & very clean when we stayed .
There are a few road lamps now to guide you back at night as it used to be pitch black and what with the potholes we had a few stumbles(well it could have been the Mataxa)  :P .
As is the case if you are in Arillas who cares were you stay..We are back for 2 weeks at The Marvel 1st October...roll on :D

Dave & Rachel:
Hi everyone,  Sorry its taken so long to reply to you all. Didnt realise that the question had also been placed on this part of the forum also. We will be coming over it wll be on the 10th Oct for a week. If anyone does happen to go into the Marvel please dont say anything to the Family or Malc and Jean if they are there as we want it to be a surprise :!:  :!:  :!:  :lol:  :lol:


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