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hi, i know this is a change of subject but i cant work out where else to put a post, but has anyone flown with strategic airlines? im flying out this weekend to corfu with olympic and it has changed from monarch airlines to strategic. i have never heard of them and just wondered what kind of a company they are. this holiday has been a nightmare we have had flights changed, accomodation changed and its all feeling a bit doomed! im just hoping that this airline is really good and the planes arent ramshackled old sheds!

We flew to Corfu with strategic airlines a couple of weeks ago. We were a little apprehensive as we had never heard of them either but I can reassure you everything was fine. Both outward and inbound flights were on time. The interior of the plane had seen better days but was comfortable and the cabin crew were fine. There were no tv or radio. Overall we had no complaints and wouldn't hesitate to fly with them again.

Shelley and I flew with Strategic in July and I have got no complaints ... even recommended !

Funny though , the pilot announced :

" sorry the air conditioning is not that good but its like everything on these old planes !"

Well that obviously puts you at rest !!!

In fact it was better than Easyjet and the food was was as Good as it gets on a plane !

Have a great holiday !!


--- Quote ---" sorry the air conditioning is not that good but its like everything on these old planes !"

--- End quote ---

OMG. I hate air travel with a passion. But if the pilot said that to me I would have a panic attack and cause a big scene as they carried me off in a straight-jacket, foaming at the mouth.

I still worry about being 6 miles above the earth in a toothpaste tube that is being pressurised from inside. No wonder I turn to alcohol to get me through it. Anyone else feel like this? I've been in so many now but never feel different.


Val n Bill:

Not flown with Strategic, but love every flight I have ever taken, so would probably love them as well.

               Val x


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