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Bardis sun studios (apartments) have been saved


ria & stuart:
Since i have been back from Bardis sun studios, i have been e-mailing Bobby just to see how things are. Bobby has informed me that  they have been saved for next year, a Greek company is going to take them on & they are the only ones in arillas to be taken on by this company. He couldn't give me all the details at that time but said he will e-mail with more information. Its great they have been saved but the only problem is this company don't do package deals from Belfast.
I will update you soon as i know more.
Thanks Ria

awh thats good so glad, tried  contactin thomson . so they pulled the plug ne way then? S***heads. oh will i get shouted at now?  :oops:

Mr & Mrs Cafes:
Hi, Bobby e-mailed us too and said that whilst they are not with Thomson they will have package deals available.  Details are not confirmed as yet but for anyone wishing to book the Bardis Sun Studios if they wish to e-mail Bobby on whoru@altecnet.gr he will provide more information as soon as possible.  We spoke to Poppy on the phone who explained they are an internet site offering package deals to Arillas.  They also said that  Libra and Olympic holidays have left Arillas next year so there will be fewer accommodations available via normal tour operator channels.  The remaining tour operators intend to hike their prices up and so private deals are worth researching.  The Bardis Sun is the only accommodation that will use this Company but obviously other places will be available via other Companies.  In any event the Bardis family urge regular guests to contact them for further details.  I promised I would add to the other comments on the Forum and put this on.  Thanks.

Libra are still doing Arillas next year.They are fully booked at the Horizon for May apart from the first 2 weeks

Mythos & Mataxa:
We are so pleased that Poppy and Spiros have got a new tour operator to replace Thomson, they are a very special couple and would do anything for you. And as for the night life in the bar!!! This is usualy were we and our friends start the night and were we usualy end up.  :lol:  :lol:

We can't wait to see them again on the 26 sept.

George if you see this sharpen your pool skiils up!!!

Matt & Claire  8)  8)


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