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Transfer time with Thomas cook to hotel Marvel??!

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Hi Ann and Jim

Eggy's suggestions are what I would say as well, but I have just posted a separate topic on this matter which you might find interesting.  It's under Arillas Information, entitled Taxi from Airport.


John I:
We stayed at the Marvel, with Thomas Cook, in late October and the transfar took almost FOUR hours  :?  The coach appeared to drop guests off at every Hotel, in every resort on Corfu!  However, the return journey took only one and a half hours.
We have again booked with Thom' Cook for 2006, staying at the new Mirage Apartments (hope they are completed by July?) and have considered our transfer options, now with hindsight.
We have again opted for the coach. A, cos' its cheaper. B, cos' surely it won't take four hours again? C, cos' we have 14 days to recover from the journey, and finally D, we shall need something to moan about whilst we are there!
 Have a Great holiday. I'm sure you will, John I


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