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Transfer time with Thomas cook to hotel Marvel??!

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Good afternoon!

the more I read about Arillas the more i'm looking forward to going! My partner and I recently booked with Thomas Cook to go to the hotel Marvel next July but have seen various transfer times published!

has anyone been with Thomas Cook, and if so how long does it roughly take?

All replies will be greatly appreciated!


i havent been with thomas cook as they are new to the village, i have only been with thomson, and we are normally in the village with in 2 hours from landing. alex


Last September we travelled with Thomas Cook to Hotel Marvel in the very early hours of the morning and I have to tell you that it took over two hours with all the drop-offs along the way.  During the peak months (July and August) this may be different as there could be a coach full of people going to Arillas in which case you would get taken straight there.  It will also depend on where you are flying from.  We fly from East Midlands and there are not usually many people for the north west of the island.  Unfortunately, I don't think anyone can tell you definitely how long it will take as each flight is different.  Hence you have read about different transfer times.

When we went there this year, we pre-booked a taxi (cost us 40 euros) and arrived at the hotel in 40 minutes.  Costas, at the Hotel, was there to greet us and we sat drinking metaxa at 6 in the morning!  We plan to do the same when we go again in a week's time.

One thing you can be certain of is that you will love both the Hotel Marvel and your stay in Arillas. :D   :D


Hi Fiona

Question, how did you pre-book your taxi from the Airport.

Privately or through the tour operator.


You can pick one up at the Airport but sometimes there's a queue and then you have to make sure of the price before you get in one. The going rate is e40. The easiest way is to go through either , Arkokal Travel or Arillas Travel. Not sure of their E-Mails but they are somewhere within this site. Or maybe the Marvel can book one for you.


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