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Started by nora, February 06, 2011, 07:52:29 PM

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Hello All

Looking to stay at The Horizon Hotel May/June 2012 in order to avoid the likely jubilee fever in uk.

Could anyone recommend a room with great seaview.

We like our privacy and judging by the latest  photo on trip advisor it looks like there has been an additional privacy screen attached to balconies recently - can someone confirm this.

Also can you really breakfast until 11-30,sounds far too good to be true........

best wishes



Nora, you can "breakfast" all day if you want to. Just walk 100 yards to your right to Helen's Creperie. Or to Graziella to your left from Horizon. And many others.

Horizon is a favourite of many. Sea view available - right on the beach. Or Marina - many positive posts about there and also on the beach. The sea front offers everything you ask.

Privacy is easily available, but it depends what you mean. Villa Linakis or Villa Theia are nearby. Or go with Olga at Elena Stella where we stayed all of September 2008. Or Tria Adelphia at the edge of the village. 

Send me a Personal Message (PM) and I will tell you anything I know.


Hi Nora,
My favourite room at the Horizon is # 201, stayed there twice.
The best view and only neighbours on one side which gives you
the privacy you are asking for. It's on 2.floor but there's a lift.

Connie x

P.S. And the breakfast at Horizon is everso delicious.


I agree .. we were in that room last year :) the views are spectacular!
we're hoping to be in one of the top rooms this year but if not 201 /202 will suit me down to the ground .

Joan xx


Thank you everyone, room 201 sounds perfect for me.

The top floor rooms look great but they look as if they have no roof cover - this is always handy for watching thunderstorms!!!!

best wishes

Nora x[



Hi Nora,
You will definately not regreat your choise!
Enjoy your holiday and give my regards to Marino, Maria and Magda.

Connie x


Hi Connie

Just two more  questions - honest!

Has room 201 a double bed? If not , whats the next best room with a double?
Is room 201 on the left when you have your back facing the sea?

Maybe thats 3 questions.........
thanks for all your help

Nora x


Hi Nora,

Yes, it's got a double bed and it's to the left facing the hotel.
Only glad to help, so feel free to ask if there's anything else.

Connie c


Thanks so much Connie - great news. x


We love room 201 as well! That was our room at Horizon last September/October and we've booked Horizon again this Sept/Oct.

You'll love the Horizon - we did!

Janis x


We have booked Horizon for mid july for our 25th wedding anniversary. We can't wait!We are also going at the beginning of August to Kaloudis.