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Me and my family are taking our first trip Arillas in july and staying at the hotel marvel. We have been told the coach journey in 3-4 hours from the airport, is this true????? If not how long is it because i dont want to sit on a coach for that long after being on a plane!
Really looking forward to our holiday, sounds like a great place from reading all your comments!

Laura x

hey laura, we were worried bout the same thing when we arrived last week in arillas,as we were told coach journeys could take that long. we travelled with thomsons, it only took us an hour and a half to get to arillas, and that is taking into account the narrow windy roads. dont recognise ur hotel but im sure they are all near eachother.  im glad we did not waste forty euros on a taxi.

Hi there. Yes Im afraid so, it can take that length of time with all the drop-offs.  Arillas/Sidari being the last ones because are north of the island. My first visit to Arillas was the last I did by coach, now I take a cab from the airport (approx 35 euros one way). It may be a little expensive but worth it.  See you in July!  :D

yes as db(my girlfriend :D )said above it can be as short as an hour and a half, but i guess it all depends who you book with, thompsons had seperate buses to travel only to Arillas and i think maybe sidari?so we had no stops on the way :wink:  :)

Hi, All depends on how many on coach & where they are dropping off.
longest we have had was this yeay with Thompsons 1hr 50mins,usually 1hr 15mins...did hear some stories about the 4hr trip :evil:  though not sure who the holiday company was.....We are staying at hotel Marvel for first time in October so let me have a good report on it.       :P


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