For darts lovers only - Others may be bored to tears.

Started by Eggy, November 19, 2008, 04:16:09 PM

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Wednesday the 12th Novembr saw the first "Open Darts" knock out at the Three W's Internett bar in San Stephanos.

19 players entered the competition and came from Pagi,Magoulades,Arillas,Afionas and Kavadaddes to enter. I think someone also made the trip from Roda.

After the draw was made, and down to the last 16, yours truly was drawn against Krisanthios, owner of the Three W's.
What could I do? --- Scores of 132 / 95 / 85 / 90 and a 220 point lead were not enough. Kept missing the double! - He hit the double first.

The semi finals saw 2 English players vs 2 Greek players and the Final saw Mick, from Magoulades against my Greek neighbour Makis.
( For those of you here this year you may remember Mick as he was the guy looking after the boat rental at Arillas )
The experience of Mick took him home for a 2-0 win. Makis will be back with a vengeance soon though as he hadn't picked up a dart for 12 months.
( He is currently practising as I type )

Last night saw the first N.O.K.O ( Night Owl Darts Knock Out ) The biggest bummer was that, I am laid up with "man flu" and didn't get there.
I'm told it was a very good night and the Winner was Dimitris from the Rainbow Bar, who took the scalp of Afionas neighbour, Bob, on the way.
English / Greek Final - And won by a Greek. - How good is that!
A very good turn out and I'm really p****d I wasn't there. But who wants my germs?

So congrats to Dimitris, but also bear in mind that Alexandra can beat him quite well.
( If she didn't have school next morning and was there .... who knows )

One lady, who was there. was Hilary from the Corfiot news who has promised to do a little write up for the next mag.

So all going quite well. Tria Adelphia will have a dart board up and running for next summer and Coconut are considering the same. I think more Greeks are becoming interested in the game I'd love to organise a "Home n Away" between Tria and Rainbow guests next summer but it's early days yet.

So , next K/O is Three W's on Thursday 27th Nov. Can we get Mick there as current holder and also Dimitris as Night Owl winner together on the same night?

Watch this space y'all


Sandy x

Sandy x


Looking forward to being there again, Eggy. As you realise, Jen and me sit "sipping"our beers and generally support whoever is winning...

And to echo Sandy - "Well done Jimmy!!"


Have Jimmt got a trouphy or just the title? well done to you Eggy for getting it all sorted and well done to Jimmy for being the champion. Viv

Stay Nude it ante rude


Eggy you are in trouble as I come from Stoke on Trent and so does Phil THE POWER Taylor. In fact his mum lives about 1/4 of a mile from me. All this said and done I am going to take lessons from him. Be afraid be very afraid in 2009.



Just bear in mind that I've e-mailed Phil Taylor many times with a challenge and he never bothers to answer. -
Is he a worried man?
Should I offer to pay his air fare?
Is it because the Greek dartboard is "close enough" to the standard height & length?
Can't he cope with the ouzo and smoking?
Or... is it because I said it would be a handicap game.
( Every score over 100 and the thrower has to eat a hot pepper !)

But... It's good to see that a few Greeks now are taking a Winter interest in the game.
Our next K/O at the Three W's, on the 27th, has already attracted 16 possibles and half of those are Greek. At some point the Bar may have to install a 2nd board!

Wouldn't it be great to have a few Germans enter as well?
Loads of fun is what it's all about.
The problem for me is,the organisng does affect the playing. - Still god fun though.



well done jimmy ..
you was always good at getting it in the right field ..............yammas


Has anyone been watching the pro-celebrity challenge darts on tv lately.  I've thoroughly enjoyed the rounds I've seen. One of the best was Phil Tufnell and Raymond Van Barneveld match when Tuffers managed to score 160. Not a conventional way to approach it he went treble 20 double top treble 20 it was pure magic!  Mike Tindall was involved in that match with Mark Webster. It may get a repeat so watch out for it !

Cheers Nan x


Not just a pretty face then nan... So impressed with the insight and knowledge. Is there anything you don't know? Ah well, phil's liver and Mythos maybe.....




Watched and enjoyed very much by me. Good to see the "pub players" mix it with the "pro's". Concentration is the name of the game and all my best games were played in "open" matches. Relax and have a chat between throws and it reduces your chance of winning. The celebrities who knuckled down proved this.

Currently enjoying the Grand Slam of Darts on ITV at the mo. Did you see James Wade produce the 1st 9 dart 501, ever, in this comp?
180/180/141 out.-and he still lost the match. - My best is 12 darts. long way to go!

My camera will be with me on Thursday for the K/O at Three W's , San Stephanos.
Hoping I will be allowed a pic of all the players entd.

It's very important for me to ensure this is a mixed comp and doesn't become an "ex-pat" take over of a local bar. 2 Greeks in the final would be ideal!
My neighbour, Makis, has been throwing with me today and he aint that bad!

Phil , I'm currently practising with your liver stuck over the treble 20. I haven't hit it yet so luck is on your side.



Hi All,

Thanks Eggy for keeping us all informed about the darts - good news!!  Shame Alex wasn't playing she would have shown them all how to play.  [/WELL DONE JIMMY



In my experience all the best looking fellas can be found playing darts! It was 33 years ago that I first noticed my beloved when he shouted out "Check the board" in response to some half hearted marking. A thrill that lingers to this day.

I missed the James Wade checkout but watched Mervyn King get the seven treble twenties and then come to grief.  We watched Eric Bristows golden arrows and relived our mis-spent youth. John Lowe was Mr Consistent but we loved Bobby George who was so exciting to watch.  Barry went to the News of the World at Alexandra Palace in 1976 and Billy Leonard beat Leighton Rees. Now we're showing our age.  Look forward to seeing the photos and presentation of the trophies. 

You don't get to my age without knowing a thing or two LOL   

Cheers Nan x


And when you get to mine, nan, you think you know it all............

Sandy x

.....and when you get to mine will soon be catching me up tho'....
Sandy x


And me i still don't know where treble 20 is, probably never find it  :(