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What pool could i use?

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I will be coming to Arillas in June for 2 weeks and staying at the Marina Hotel. It is our first time there and i know that there is no pool at the Marina but our brochure says there is a public pool nearby.

Can someone please tell me if there is a pool we could use?


p.s This site has given me so much info - Im addicted!!!    :D

Hi Nicola,
You can use any of the pools in Arillas as long as you purchase from their bar and not take food/drink in with you.
The owners of the Marina also own the new apartments along the far side of the beach, you can usually see them in the Webcam pic, the large white building at the end.  These apartments also have a pool which I'm sure you would be able to use.
There is also the Mirage which only opened last year, it has a lovely pool/bar/restuarant, with plenty of seating and lounging areas, this is only  a few minutes away from the Marina.

Hi Nichola
Also as eileen says Mirage nice setting on sea front etc ,carry on pass up to end (100 metres) at Sea Breeze also have a nice setting, pool at the back,and eating area hanging over the beach ,great to sit there and watch the sunset,Yannis and Nikos will always look after you , like all the people in Arillas.


yes Paul as u said any body can use any pool in arillas for free! but u dont need to buy a drink to stay there, it is only polite to buy and stay at any pool, so welcome Nicola we have stay with billy and anita, they r good people! when in June r u going?

Lisa and Steve:
We are also staying at the Marina in June.We arrive on the 3rd for a week.We will either go in the sea or walk up to the pool at the Bardis Sun as it is lovely and big.You can either use the one at the hotel(the big pool) or the smaller one next door at the studios.I would recommemd them both.Hope you enjoy your stay in Arillas,which I am sure you will.


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