How I found Arillas!

Started by dimitris, April 03, 2008, 10:40:38 PM

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Hi All!
How did I find Arillas?
I posted this quite a time ago, 2007 in fact:-


Hi all!
This is my first posting on this website.
I was last in Arillas in May 1999, when my wife Ann and I stayed for our 25th. wedding anniversary at The Bardis Sun Hotel. We had the most fantastic time and got to know so many people. Thomas at the fish taverna and his daughter Spirarula (3yrs. old at that time), Dimitris, your famous Sunday lamb dinners, Poppy and all at the BardisSun Appartments and all the folks 'on the sea front'.
We loved the place, the beautiful peaceful relaxing surroundings, the great walks, and most of all, the friendliness of the residents and other holidaymakers. Reading the postings on this site, it seems the place is still very much the same now!
Sadly I lost my wife three years ago, and have been feeling very down since.
The other day I was going through some old paperwork and found the holiday brochure we had used to book the holiday and inside were all the 'memories' in the form of tickets, and maps etc. of the holiday. I then went to my photographs and found all the ones taken on our last visit. They brought back so many vivid recollections and cheered me up no end.
I have been reluctant to go anywhere on my own on holiday, but feel that I could do with a good break to get away from it all and have a good time! I can't think of a better place to go than Arillas. How many other members on this site 'go it alone'? I would like to hear from you and your experiences. Maybe I'll pluck up the courage to re-visit!      
Pluck up courage I did, and haven't looked back since. It's a truly magical place, full of friends, good food, tranquil and stunning scenery, great walks, wonderful memories, and for me remains that unique 'home away from home' which I look forward to every May and September.


Some great stories on here - I have been through and read them all.  I first went to Arillas with my fella (now my hubbie) in 1995. We ended up on one of those placed on arrival holidays so didnt have a clue where we were going in Corfu.  Well, we ended up in Arillas at 4 in the morning went to bed, and when we got up - well wow - what a place.  I think we stayed at the new Bardis studios, although there wasn't a pool there then.  We met some fab people and had a wonderful holiday in this lovely small resort.  Couldn't figure out where to go for our holidays this year until I typed Arillas into Google and found this website, and by the looks of it the resort hasnt changed much at all.  We are coming in August with our 8 year old daughter andI am truly counting the days already.



Welcome to the forum
After 16 years you are returning to Arillas
Once in the blood always in the blood

Arillas will welcome you as it welcomes all its return visitors
Let us know how you found it second time round

Val n Bill

Welcome to the forum Paula.

We too rediscovered Arillas after a long absence and realized this was what we were always looking for in all the years in between.

You and your family will have a wonderful holiday with lovely memories that will bring you back again and again, as John said... Once in the blood always in the blood.

When are you going in August? and where are you staying?

As you read through the many topics on the forum you will find as we did that Arillas is still the most welcoming place in all of Greece.

Also you may remember the beach is great for children so your daughter will have a wonderful time.

                         Hope to read your future posts,       Val x 
The love affair continues.


And welcome from me and Jen, Paula.

We didn't find Arillas until 2002, when we actually booked specifically because it was cheap. Or so I remember. But down-market it wasn't, and Arillas has dominated our lives ever since.

It is a little time-warp with wonderful values but tolerance as well. It is a place you can feel at home, mainly because those who live there are real people who don't have a Tour Operator's script to read. Or if they do, they say it truthfuly in spite of any script.

Changes are happening of course, but Faliraki on Rhodes and Kavos in South Corfu can deal with that. Arillas is still unspoiled and beautiful. And if Dimitris gets his will, that's how it will stay. I suport him completely.



Quote from: sharonF on October 09, 2009, 10:04:24 AM
Hi Paula, that view is the icing on the cake isnt it.  Where did you stay?

Sharon x
god only just seen reply didnt realise been so long since i been on the site i stayed at kaloudis village we always stay there keep tryin to get billy to adopt us lol i have not managed to get back there yet as i been ill but hopefully this year fingers crossed x


Just hit this by accident on the website front page.

It must be about time for all the newer devotees of Arillas to update it. "How I found Arillas!" asked the Boss 2008. And five years later it is time to go around again. Come on folks - we love reading the stories...



Ok Phil
I will start off!
Nine years ago my good lady Catriona decided we should look for a new holiday destination.
Without going in to too much detail I had lost my ex partner but my daughter and I had been going to a small town in Ibiza for many years as it had family memories.
Meghan(my daughter) was by then out on her own.
Catriona said one night she had seen this nice looking place in Corfu which we should try.
I took a look and it seemed a good bet.Quiet and serene(not too much whirl Phil!) and we decided to go for it.
The best decision we have ever made.
We have now introduced Catrionas family and I am hoping Meghan and her partner might join us next year.
Over to the rest of you!


I would love, LOVE to read about those who just discovered my favourite place on earth.



So far we seem to have no takers!
Surely there must be some out there who are first timers to Arillas or at least like us had not previously shared how that experience came about?
We are waiting!

Val 57

Well, feel as though I must set the "Ball" rolling again then!

I first came to Arillas 12 years ago......  That would make it 2001 I think.....  Well, Geoff, (My OH) & I were staying at a very popular (Thomson's) hotel in San Stephanos, but to be honest, we weren't that keen, it was a bit too busy & commercialised for us unfortunately.....  (We're quite boring to be honest!)

We decided to walk across the headland and came across Arillas and to me, it seemed to be the ideal holiday resort!  We had coffee at the Marina Hotel and sat for a while just watching the world go by.  After that, we hired a car for a week & visited a few more times because it was so peaceful & laid back.....

Well, in 2009, I decided to pay Arillas another visit - but this time with my daughter.  It was completely by chance - the holiday popped up on a last minute deal and because I had briefly visited a few times, it seemed to be the right thing to do!  What can I say?  There were several changes but overall, the "feeling," or ambience of Arillas was just the same!

Lee & I have now been visiting Arillas every year since 2009, last 3 years at the Mathraki Studios, soon to be out 4th year, God willing!  (I'm rather superstitious & just have to add that!) We've always enjoyed our 2 weeks in Arillas - actually, that's an understatement!  We have absolutely loved every single minute of it!

This year will have to be slightly different because I'm recovering from a shoulder fracture & dislocation, so we will be hiring a car to get us about....  I don't think I will be up to scrambling over the headland to San Stephanos this year!  (To be fair, I struggled last year in good health. ;-) )

I'm so glad that back in 2001, we walked over to Arillas and felt so relaxed and dare I say, relieved!  To me, this was the place that I had been hoping for....


Steve & Carole

In 2011, we fancied squeezing in another holiday. Searched the web, and decided on a place called Arillas for 2 weeks.  Yes, it was love at first sight/experience. In 2012, we returned for 4 weeks, loved Arillas even more!  This year we are there for 5 weeks! (Why not!). We will probably seek out a longer term rental next year.

Due to my constant raving about beautiful Arillas and its' beautiful people, my mother in law + 4 friends fly out there today, my daughter, hubby and their 2 children fly out in August, as do my daughters in laws.
Carole & I feel truly privileged to have found this gem.

Ann K

1998 was the year Paul decided he'd had enough of flying (as he had flown long haul for many years with work) and we were looking for coach holidays to Europe.  I was upset to say the least. :(  However, coach holidays usually mean at least one night spent on the coach.  Eventually, in selfish desperation I went to a travel agent and asked for a short flight to somewhere nice.  They suggested Arillas.  "OK" I said  "We'll do it".  Then I had to tell Paul.  He was not best pleased but came round to it and when we arrived the coach journey was horrendous and when we went through what we now know is Sidari we were mortified and prayed the coach didn't put us off there!  It was like a bank holiday Monday in Blackpool/Great Yarmouth, no offence, anyway we live near Great Yarmouth! :)

We were last off the coach.  The Marina was in darkness and the rep took us to our room, unlocked it and showed us in then disappeared.  It was hot, we were tired and not best pleased.  The only place open was the Malibu where we were made very welcome and that helped relieve some of the stress!

When we woke up the following morning to the view over the sea to Gravia and the views both north and south we were hooked.  How could such a rotten journey turn into such a superb end?

Well, over the course of the holiday we drank in the happiness, kindness and the feeling that we were the only special people there.  Nothing was too much trouble and of course we went home eager to return as soon as possible, although that wasn't to be until the following year, but we have now been every year since and can't imagine holidaying anywhere else, (except Miami where our daughter lives, but that doesn't count)!! :)  With only two exceptions we have stayed at the Marina every time.  They have to be some of the nicest people in the world - along with all the other people of Arillas of course.

That's how we got there.

Ann x :)

Jo Wissett

Just loving all these fabulous reads! Thanks folks!


I'm often surprised by threads on this forum I hadn't noticed before but this is the best so far!
In 2012 David and I wanted a cheap, hot holiday to Corfu, having been to Sidari (luckily we were in Canal D'Amour, which is relatively quiet and allowed us to discover lovely walks to Peroulades etc) and Ypsos (not so keen). Coop travel came up with The Rainbow, Arillas for 2 weeks.  What a stroke of luck.
Spiros and Dimitris  in Rainbow were amazing and of course we fell in love with Arillas. Never had such a relaxing holiday before. We love to walk and were happy to stroll in a sweat to Afionas, Porto Timoni,San Stefanos and Kouvadades.
Returned in 2012, this time to Tria Adelphia and loved it there. Philip and Eleni and Yannis are so lovely.
This year we're due at The Rainbow again on 30th August.  Watch out Eggy!! What a guy. We had to buy a dartboard when we got home. Can't wait to play in Rainbow again, and at Tria, and Amourada, and Night Owl. This probably makes the reader think we play good darts. No! We're rubbish but nobody minds in Arillas, as long as we try. We hadn't played darts for years until we got to Arillas and met Neil.
Can't wait to see all the familiar, warm and genuine faces again. We are hooked.
This forum feeds the addiction, keeping us in touch with Arilliacs we've met there and love. Wonderful.