How I found Arillas!

Started by dimitris, April 03, 2008, 10:40:38 PM

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Hello Mally and welcome to the forum! :)

All of us can vouch for our favorite  little village and I hope you will like it too!


What a lovely story! Welcome to the forum and keep posting :)
Life is good ;)


Hi mally
Welcome to the forum

Arillas don't go there.

Have a fantastic time in the best place on the planet


hi there, thanks for your comments. am really looking forward to my hols now.


hello there ,nice arillas people ! :))))

as we planned to go for holiday to Corfu i started to search for hotels on the internet. the very first one what jumped up the Marina was...  :)  i just kept see the pictures with opened mouth :))) and my heart beated faster. "this is it"  i told to myself, but tried to find other ones too,just to be sure. after seeing some hotels i went back to Hotel Marina and i decided we go there. thats all. :)) it was love at the first sight. and we had a perfect wonderful holiday in Arillas ,in the Marina. we all want to go back one day, very soon.
about the village... we went to see around the island and we saw some towns but we didnt find any place what has that radiation as Arillas has. we simply love it !!  :))  we love it cos quiet but we could find places for fun still, it is clean and pretty, it is very -very friendly!
thank you for our super holiday Arillas and all of people there. but very first special thanks for all the people who work in the Hotel Marina.  kissssssssssssssssssssss  :))))))
with love : suhajda márti from hungary

Sandy x

Welcome to the forum Suhajda Marti....another addict. Glad you had such a lovely holiday.
Sandy x


yes Sandy x, i am addicted to Arillas. and to Corfu island. it is a great place and i wish every good for it.
kalispera  :)


Arillas will always bring me fond memories!!
Being 27, my first visit to Arillas was at the age of 6/7.  We first came to know about Arillas as my Fathers friend had a villa there which we used for 2 years on the trot... We went back year after year but stayed at different villas around the resort...
My childhood memories of family holidays have always been in Arillas and have got to know the island very well over the years..

We now have an extended family and we all go together, staying at the Rainbow! There are 14 of us, What used to be my parents, myself, sister and brother is now my parents being Grandparents and ourselves with partners and children.. yet we always return to Arillas!!! We are all going again a week on Monday!! Cant wait!!



It sounds as though you are in the position to call Arillas your second home!

Have another fantastic holiday at the Rainbow :-)

Your holiday deserves a place like this...

Villa Linakis on FB


Welcome to the forum LauraB. Great choice for an extended family - the Rainbow will be ideal for you all. Have a(nother) wonderful time like Eileen said, in your second home. It is Jen's and my second home, too.



Hi everyone,
I am new to this website.  I first visited Arillas last year having been recommended to go by friends.  We have visited many Greek islands and I ddn't think I would love anywhere more than Kefalonia.......but Arillas is just such a magical place.  I am going again tonight and cannot wait........Arillas here I come.


Have a safe trip jones, and enjoy Arillas like we all do. Welcome to the forum




Look forward to your post jones. You`ll have some good ones, no doubt.


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Yes I do want to reply

Have just spent the best part of my day off reading through this Topic and it still continues to grow.
Although it may be a little slower at the moment I'm sure that come the end of October additions will have been made and more stories will be posted for us all to enjoy.

It has brought us numerous stories about how people came upon our sleepy little village and it's wonderful people.
The holidays they have enjoyed and the pleasure they get from being BACK HOME
Home is where the heart is and this heart is in Arillas

Paul D

John, thanks for giving this thread a nudge.  I also hope that many others will post here of how they found paradise.  The stories make for good reading.
  So for all you new Ariliacs out there, get posting please.

   Yammas    Paul
Arillas - `perfect antidote to life`s stresses and strains`!